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    Have something to say about SoftMaker Office NX Home? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than SoftMaker Office NX Home, post it here! If you know of issues with SoftMaker Office NX Home, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Favorite version of “SoftMaker Office Standard 2012”, there is “BasicMaker” and supports “Windows-XP”.

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    I don’t like this subscription idea, so I’m staying with the normal 2016 edition that I got on a previous giveaway

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    Could someone clarify what happens after the 6-month license expires? Will the program be still functioning after that, just without the eligibility for updates?

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    I appreciate and love the Softmaker Office line! – But I note:
    If you don´t want this offered subscription for a monthly/yearly to pay model, you surly will be much better of with another great offer of Softmaker´s:
    Better use “Softmaker Office 2016 Standard(EN)”:

    This is a really good office bundle:
    while Textmaker is not only highly compatible to MS Word but as well really competes with Word(!),
    Planmaker is really good, too, but can not fully compete with Excel, especially if you need to work with complex and interlinked Spreadsheets and/or want to work on such spreadsheets which were built with Excel. But that does not mean, Planmaker is not a very capable program!
    Same is true for Presentations
    , which can as well not fully compete with Powerpoint. But to be honest: who cares to much for boring presentations?! That is an overestimated approach with often very little use or evidence; even worse: it often invites others to wrong conclusions as well…
    has no pendant in Softmaker´s Office.

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    did someone succeed to recieve a license code? please help!

    sharewareonsale checkout gives a link that is running dead. = 404 not found

    “click here to go to the SharewareOnSale exclusive registration page” (( here I copy the link )) http://shop.softmaker.com/shop/shop.php&couponcode=officedeal&selection=ofnxh184d+flpro2017d+flstd2017d
    this is what I get:
    –> Not Found The requested URL /shop/shop.php&couponcode=officedeal&selection=ofnxh184d+flpro2017d+flstd2017d was not found on this server.
    Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at shop.softmaker.com Port 80

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