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    Have something to say about Speech to Text Converter? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Speech to Text Converter, post it here! If you know of issues with Speech to Text Converter, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Since I have been hearing impaired since I was born, I would like to turn only the sentences made in Hungarian-language films into subtitles. Unfortunately, Speech to Text Converter does not support Hungarian sounds, so I can’t use this software. :-(((

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    Under IBM Cloud Credentials, Text to Speach Converter is asking for an API KEY, what is that and where can it be found.

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    This software requires you to get an API Key from IBM. It’s not easy but doable.
    However after getting the key the program failed to execute and gave a gibberish error message.
    I deleted the software.

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    Veronica Bergman

    I am trying to activate with a License but can not get any information about it

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    This software has been offered before & I never could get it to work properly.
    It requires an API key from IBM, but even if you are able to get it, it won’t translate properly & will usually give you an error or some gibberish.
    For me, it is totally useless.

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    I was able to get the API key by clicking on the “Go to IBM Cloud” button & creating an account there.
    I got the same error that I received when I tried this software before.
    The error that comes up is HTTP/1.1 503 Service Unavailable.

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    Don McKenzie

    I have installed the program.
    I then clicked the Registration and got the next step and clicked again and got a registration key”4AJA8-HDLGG-2789W”.
    Then I was told that the key was invalid.
    I note that a number of clients have been having similar problems.

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    Philip o staiger

    I know some of the developers they’re very cool gang and they make some fabulous tools.

    I’ve even been involved with one of them, the subtitle translator tool.

    I have been using speech to text from VovSoft for a while. Yes it does require an IBM Watson account but it’s free. Once you have the account you need to look in your account interface for creating an API key it’s not trivial but it’s somewhat doable and definitely worth the effort looking for the instructions and following them. I don’t know of many other voice transcription system instead of free but of course there are probably some open source alternatives if you want to go that route. For me I like to use this because it has a very easy to use interface in the front end and you don’t even see the IBM connection once you have the API key properly configured – it just works.

    They also have another tool which is free and brings the text back into speech format. It uses the windows narrator underneath it so you have already what you need for that on your PC and they add a fabulous easy to use interface to either hear it read to you or to save it to wave file or MP3… but that’s a different tool.

    Ping me if you need some tips on how to configure that IBM API key. My name is Phil and you can find me at the best 3d dot com > about – I don’t recall exactly where to go but didn’t take too long to figure it out and I did use the instructions from VovSoft which were very helpful.

    If you have never dealt with API keys, you might encounter the concept in future dealings with crypto software too. Imagine if you had a username in a password to log in somewhere but instead of those two separate items you had them merged into a single unique key. From an end user perspective that’s basically what an API key is. It identifies you as a legit user when you make a request to transcribe something in this case.

    Have fun or just trust me this is worth the effort it’s really good. Of course underneath it it does depend on the quality of the voice recognition in the IBM Watson engine. I can tell you I have seen better but I have also seen much worse. The technology underneath it for proper automatic speech recognition (ASR) is constantly evolving revenue deep learning / AI neural technology. Some of the competing ASR do better than others. But it will also depend on the language and the quality of the audio recording. Some will return the sentence with the first letter capitalized others will not. You can see the same in your web browser – between Chrome and Edge, edge does much better. Some engines will not find the proper punctuation at the end. You might have to say “question mark” in order to get a “?” at the end of a question. You don’t have to do that with the Microsoft edge web speech API but you do have to do that with the Google Chrome web speech API.

    In summary if you’re doing any sort of audio recordings such as for training material in a video, you will find this a very useful tool for part of the work you might need to do thereafter if you want to have it written down or subtitled in captioning or even go beyond it with translations. This doesn’t do everything but it does the transcription really well in many cases.


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    Useless. Doesn’t work. Recorded sound file- worked. Pressed burron CONVERT- Asked for IBM API key (credentials) – dead end. :(
    Pressed Save text file. . While the recorded audio file is in the Audio file field, text file is save but empty. Nothing in the saved text file. Tried 6 times.

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    [@Philip o staiger] Thank you for your interesting observations and opinion. Happy user of pdh. Btw, have you used dragon ns? I wonder how this compares.

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    Use the api of ibm cloud. So you must registrer to ibm cloud (limited by 500min/month), but the registrer page of ibm doesn’t work. So impossible to use this software

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    [@lac] Thank you very much for reporting the problem. Could you provide a more detailed description of the problem in order for us to identify the error? What is the URL of the “IBM register page” and what is the error message?

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    Prior to downloading and installing all of these fine offered softwares, I always click on the website that is listed under Technical Details. In answer to your question, I discovered this: this site

    scroll down to:

    Windows 7 or later
    API key (available for free at the IBM Cloud website) More Info

    and click on more information

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