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    Have something to say about Sticky Password Premium? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Sticky Password Premium, post it here! If you know of issues with Sticky Password Premium, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    ehab abdelhakim mohamed

    jjj hklnmnjh

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    John USA

    December 2, 2019….I just downloaded and tried this program.
    It is version and the full install file size is 46MB.
    It has just one year license, so we either buy a renewal license when this license expires in 365 days or if we get lucky that we will get another free offer like this one here again in the future.
    I am very impressed with this program as it successfully imported all my saved info (user name and passwords) from my current RoboForm v7.9.32.2, and when I open an account URL from my Bookmarks/Favorites this program automatically logs me in by filling all my saved login info, I love it. It is super easy and super fast, I do not do anything, this wonderful and efficient program does it all by itself. Wow….I am super impressed how good it is.
    After testing this wonderful and super easy to use program I highly recommend it.

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    Such programs are not suitable to be granted for one year ..
    You must be indefinitely ..

    A question
    After the end of the giveaway What is the fate of saved passwords?

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    Lloyd Stafford

    [ @Ashraf]
    Downloaded and installed OK< but…….cannot register with the provided license key, see below. How do I get to accept the below license??

    New Users

    Download and install Sticky Password Premium. Before you run Sticky Password Premium, make sure your computer’s clock is up-to-date and at the current time; if your computer’s clock is not at the current time, you may have problems registering. Next, run Sticky Password Premium. The first time you run it, you need to make sure to click CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT and create a new Sticky Password Premium account by following on-screen instructions. Once you’ve created a new Sticky Password Premium account, you will be asked to register it. Click the I HAVE A LICENSE KEY option and register it with the following:

    SharewareOnSale exclusive license key:
    After that, you are done! If you want to use it on Android and iPhone or iPad, simply download those apps and log into them with your Stick Password Premium account. Enjoy!

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