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    Have something to say about Style for Windows and Mac? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Style for Windows and Mac, post it here! If you know of issues with Style for Windows and Mac, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Carl Rogers

    Lose your logo on images processed by your program. Deleting.

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    [ @Carl Rogers]

    Just uncheck the “Show watermark” box in the settings.

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    I tried to install, but a Windows pop up message says my “security settings” will not permit to install to my win 10 system. That is not a message from my anti virus, but is a Windows warning instead. I also tried running the setup file as an Administrator, but Windows refused with the same warning message. First time I have seen that Windows warning, Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Barrie Bullock

    I get this application cannot be started.

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    Derek Clark

    Installed program – window opens with all the options for editing panels.

    No option anywhere to enter licence code – nothing but buttons to select picture to edit.

    On closing, I found program was not installed and cannot be used again. Anybody help with this.

    The program does not appear in my Programs file or Programs (x86) file lists, but shows in the uninstall programs list in “control panel/uninstall a program” list. This is in Windows 10, fully up to date.

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    [ @Derek Clark] If you unzipped the program into a folder, simply click on the setup.exe again to run the program. There is no icon on the desktop, no program listed in “Control Panel/Programs and Features,” and no place to enter the registration code.

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    Version number shown on SOS page for this is same as the one I got from another giveaway site on 1/21/2018. So I didn’t try to download the program today, can’t say anything about all the problems in the other comments.

    What I can say is that it works great on my Win 10/64 system. It can take a while to process a picture but the results are often worth the wait. This program does things I haven’t seen in any other program, very nice! It transforms your picture into recognizable styles from well-known artists.

    The description I have from my 2018 download says “Unzip the package you`ve downloaded and install the software by running Setup.exe, then press ‘Buy/settings’ and register the software with the license key below.”
    That must have worked for me back then.

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    Diana Montgomery

    What is the st:// in the license number? Is that really part of the license number or a typo?

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    Diana, yes it is.

    Make sure to get the right download for windows or for Mac.
    I run Windows 8.1.
    Downloaded the Zip (2-300 meg).
    Opened the Zip.
    Ran the Setup.
    Setup downloads the full 2-300 meg again from a website.
    Once done, it runs the program for the first time.
    I choose the Buy/Settings button top right.
    Entered the full Serial st://3406163355-3529620144
    clicked validate license.
    Registered without any issues.
    Button changed to “Settings” from the former “Buy/Settings”
    Clicking there I unchecked watermark.

    This program is awesome, and does stuff that I rarely see in other apps.

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    Mike FMart

    The program doesn’t work. Even for the simplest photos, it terminates with a processing error. I’m using Win 10, latest updates on a well equipped work station with Bitdefender. I spent some time trying to get it to work using tricks that are sometimes required for finicky programs, but I just wasted my time. I’m glad it may work for some, but it simply isn’t reliable and reviews suggest that it doesn’t work for many. It is clearly not ready for primetime. Imagine buying any regular commercial program that didn’t work for a lot of customers.

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    I couldn’t test it as the software is toooooooo resource-intensive. I tried it twice and both the times, my laptop froze completely and I had to force shutdown. My feedback to developers – either optimize it OR give a fair warning that the software is only for powerful PCs.

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