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    Have something to say about Task ForceQuit Pro 2? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Task ForceQuit Pro 2, post it here! If you know of issues with Task ForceQuit Pro 2, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    It gives an error when entering the serial Server error (code7). Wrong serial number

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    Won’t register so worthless. Server error.

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    CJ Cotter

    OS Windows 7. Installed and registered without any problem.
    This program runs “always on” by creating a clock tray icon.
    This program will not be of any use to me unless I can still access it in spite of a program freezing up my computer. When that will happen next, I don’t know. So, I really can’t comment on it’s usefulness.
    I already have a shortcut to Task Manager on my desktop and on my task bar. That works for me, but not when my computer freezes. I’ll have to wait and see how Task ForceQuit Pro 2 functions then.

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    Isn’t that what Windows TASK MANAGER is for?

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    [@CJ Cotter]
    >“This program runs “always on” by creating a clock tray icon.”
    The program does not run “always-on” as you suggest. The program creates a System Tray entry only after the main program interface is exited. It will remain there for your convenience until you reboot or actively go to the System Tray and exit the program. After rebooting it is not in the System Tray, unless you explicitly choose the Autorun feature. Of course, if you start it again, then exit it, the System Tray entry will be recreated. When you click the Red X to close some programs that can stay resident in the System Tray, they will ask if you want to quit the program or to stay resident in the System Tray. Task ForceQuit Pro does not do that; it just quietly moves to the System Tray without any notice to the user. It can be a little irritating when a program does that without an announcement.

    >“This program will not be of any use to me unless I can still access it in spite of a program freezing up my computer”
    If a program truly freezes up your computer (meaning the entire computer), you should not be able to access any program (everything is frozen). Essentially, all you can do is reboot. As you already stated, you have Task Manager to stop a program, but not when your computer freezes.

    If however, a program freezes up by itself and you still have access to other programs, then this program “supposedly” will be able to terminate it the same way as/or similar to what Task Manager can accomplish. Task Manager Applications tab “End Task” button sends the program a message to tell the selected program to stop, but if the program is “Not Responding” that might not work. Task Manager can often still terminate the non-responsive process. I have seen many cases where Task Manager “End Task” cannot terminate a program. In those cases, try the Processes Tab and use the End Process. Often, I find that a user will give up and simply reboot. In many of those stubborn processes, I have used Process Lasso, which succeeds where Task Manager could not, saving the hassle of a reboot. This program (Task ForceQuit Pro) may use a similar method as Process Lasso or the combined steps of using Task Manager. I don’t have an easy way of testing how well this works as often when a program requires is so stubborn that it requires Task Manager or Process Lasso to terminate it, it was an unusual case, and 99,999 times out of 100,000, it will end with a regular Stop command or by using Task Manager End Task. In the meantime, it is worth hanging on to in order to see how well it works when and if I ever need it.

    If you are using a virtual OS such as VMWARE or Virtual Box, if the entire Virtual OS freezes, you should be able to stop that instance using the Virtual Controller.

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    CJ Cotter

    To Gary:
    Thank you for your comments. Good to know!

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    [ @Gary]
    What we present as a separate program here,
    I use as a component of Advanced System Care, under the name. . .Performance monitor!

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