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    peer winther hansen

    angivne key til txt stat analyzer er ikke brugbar: X2JMW-359L1-K6HRV ( invalid code )

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    The same for me – installed, but when I tried to register, I get error message “Activation failed”.

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    Have repeatedly tried to download TEXT STATISTICS ANALYZER which indicates it supports Windows 10. Yet the download will not work, claiming the product is for devices only? What’s the point then?

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    Jeffrey Taylor

    When I attempt to download the software by clicking the “Download Text Statistics Analyzer Now” button on the offer page, I’m taken, like usual to the “Almost there” page. However, after filling in the info, and clicking the “Give it to me now” button, the download does not start. Instead, I get the error message, “This giveaway is only for devices.”

    However, the “fine print” on the offer page indicates that it is Windows software. Why is this happening?

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    [@Ernie] [@Jeffrey Taylor] Sorry, that was a temporary bug in my code. Fixed now.

    [@peer winther hansen] [@Saputnik] Please show me a screenshot.

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    Jeffrey Taylor

    Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, a new problem has come up.

    I was able to get the download, and successfully completed the installation. However, your instructions said, “You will be asked to register it the first time you run it. Enjoy!”

    Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The program launched and ran, but there was no opportunity to register. Opening the “About” dialog shows that it is “UNREGISTERED,” but provides no way to enter a registration code. I found no place in the interface where I could do that.

    Any ideas?

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    Thank you all for trying our software.
    We really benefit from user comments and will try to improve the software in the next versions.

    “Activation failed” error means either there was a problem in internet connection or the license key was entered incorrect. We are sorry if you experienced the error because of our server. However we didn’t notice a major problem. It must be a temporary issue.

    License window should be opened within the first seconds of application run. Maybe you clicked continue and didn’t notice it.

    Best regards

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