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    Have something to say about Total Image Converter? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Total Image Converter, post it here! If you know of issues with Total Image Converter, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Bravo ! pour ce logiciel excellent, complet, efficace, et très utile dans le domaine de l’édition images et photos.
    Son interface est conviviale, utilisation très simple.

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    Firas Salim

    Thank you very Much very very handy
    for fast offline//online convert and upload

    many thanks
    Love and Peace

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    Peter Blaise

    Wow, that’s too bad, yet another impossible to use program that can’t do what it promises, is slow, awkward, and not free, except here.

    Free Google Picasa and free IrfanView and free dozens of other programs are so much better — they have preview, batch, speed, speed, speed, and they are free … and they are IMAGE-CONTENT-AWARE, that is, they can intelligently automatically optimize image exposure, contrast, color, sharpness and so on, because they understand the meaning of the file content they are working on.

    “Optimize” means something different to them than it does to me, I think it means “Optimize image exposure, contrast, color, sharpness”, I have no idea what it means to them.

    No preview.

    This can’t convert raw to DNG, free Adobe can.

    This skipped converting a raw to Web Optimized, no explanation.

    Gives a list of options just before conversion that is a mile long, versus a list of controls before that with only a few items … why not bring that options list under control and let us line-by-line control them?!?

    Look at [ Help ], [ Command Line Params ] and see that they are FILE-based, not IMAGE-CONTENT-based.

    This is a FILE converter, not an IMAGE converter, it has no image-awareness, no image-savvy.

    Image-wise, it is stupid.

    File-wise it is -s-l-o-w-.

    I suggest that the programmers avail themselves of the free competition and learn how to do it equally well before they then try to figure out how to do it better, THEN they can charge for something special.

    This is not special in any way.

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    [@Peter Blaise]

    Thanks for the “heads up” about this program and for the reminder that IrfanView (free) is again, a good alternative to over-promising specialty programs. I have downloaded any number of the latter and wasted hours trying to figure out how to get them to do what is promised — but often not delivered. The only positive takeaway ends up learning new swearwords and new combinations thereof.

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    Dr. Review

    [@BGee] I have no idea why you are saying “Impossible to use, and can’t do what it promises”? Your explanation is that of someone who apparently did not read what the software actually does. For me, this works perfectly! It’s an Image converter in case you didn’t read the description. It may not have all the bells and whistles you speak of, but it does what it claims and does not promise any of that other stuff you mention. Conversion is the key. Not all that “IMAGE CONTENT AWARE”, it doesn’t claim to do that, you threw that BS in there just to toot your own horn. While the optimize feature and all that stuff might be simple, that’s what it’s meant to do “Quick and simple conversion” not advanced image editing.

    As for Infran View, in my opinion, if you want to get serious about editing images with FREEWARE software, go with Paint.net or Gimp. And if you are looking for a view go with Fastone Image View “It is the best period with several extra features, I use it just to view photo’s with, it has extra features also, like if you want to remove .EXIF information and other simple editing options”. Just my opinion.

    Thank you CoolUtils & Ashraf! This software works perfect for me and my needs and does everything it claims to do, which is CONVERT IMAGES QUICKLY and easily, as for the extra features being mentioned here and said to be lacking, perhaps the developer can address those in future versions to improve the software based on the users opinions here.

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    Dr. Review

    [@BGee] Sorry BGee, my last comment was meant to reply to Peter Blaise, not you.

    I would like to suggest Ashraf that you add the options to reply and quote underneath the replies rather than on top, it get’s a bit confusing depending on what sites you frequent otherwise.

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    I have tried 4 time to download this program and it states unknown time and after ten minutes it still does nothing, if no one can help I will pass on this.

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    Peter Blaise

    [@Dr. Review]

    Thanks for your suggestions of other programs, free FastStone is also another worthy program, but I forget it’s unique superlatives compared to free IrfanView, though I do install it along with free IrfanView — and free Picasa – whenever I setup a computer for anyone.

    Regarding editing images, not just optimizing or converting, there is also free Adobe Photoshop, which is such an industry standard for image CONTENT editing, and by now, it is uber familiar and supported with tutorials and add-ons, that I just use free adobe Photoshop for editing.

    Regarding CoolUtil’s use of the word “optimise”, I see that you have absolutely no idea what they mean by it, either, hence my criticism ( I did not bring it up or introduce it, I an only responding to and reviewing what is presented by the program ).

    Regarding speed, please tell us what size and format and drives and computer you have that CoolUtils Total Image Converter works fast on.

    I tried converting 5 megapixel raw images from a network drive ( ~7 megaByte per second data transfer rate ) using a 2600 MHz dual processor Windows 7×64 computer with 4 GB RAM, and it took more than 2 minutes to convert one image with no preview, no preview or idea what was going to happen, no preview or idea what “optimize” was going to do …

    … where free IrfanView and free Picasa each take seconds, each show me the image contents, and in same 2 minutes, each would have converted dozens of images, not just one image.

    Regarding “optimize”,

    — free IrfanView offers an excellent minimally intrusive implementation of JPEG algorithms that maintains more integrity in complex images than other JPEG-encoding programs by eliminating chroma color subsampling and using 1×1 blocks of pixels instead of 4×4 blocks, perhaps that’s “optimizing”?

    — free IrfanView, free Picasa, free Photoshop, of course, offer “optimizing” of auto exposure and auto color and auto contrast and auto sharpening.

    — free Beamer JPEGmini offers “optimization” by maintaining visual qualities while reducing file size.

    — whereas CoolUtils offers to “optimize” during some conversions … and gives us absolutely no idea what “optimize” means to them or will mean to the results.

    On the one hand, we each use whatever tools work for us, whatever tools we become familiar with, facile with, forgiving of, and then highly recommend to others who, sadly, don’t have our experience and therefore have a learning curve that we have forgotten.

    On the other hand, I tried to report as neutrally as possible what was my honest and accurate experience of trying to understand and use CoolUtils Total Image Converter, and I failed to find anything in the user interface that reflects an understanding of ( a ) how other programs handle files or ( b ) how other programs handle digital images, I did not find it taking advantage of other programmer’s hard-wrought communication success, and I did not find it intuitive or inviting or informative — note in my prior share it’s failure to convert, with no report on why or what to do to fix the failure.

    It appears to be an internal COMMAND-LINE program intended to be called by other programs, but here, it is released with a minimum user interface to make it look like a GUI graphic user interface program, but considering the sophisticated success and longevity of other programs that convert image files — free IrfanView, free Picasa, free FastStone, free Adobe Photoshop — CoolUtils obviously did not look at the competition in the arena into which they toss their program.

    That’s feedback, that’s what we do here at SOS SharewareOnSale, and the vendor can take what they can use from our generously and voluntarily offered comments on our experience, and leave the rest.

    For those who are not sure of the capabilities of CoolUtils Total Image Converter, here are the COMMAND LINE options — as I wrote, because the GUI graphic user interface is not very useful at revealing and controlling these:

    Usage of the command line prompt is follows:
    ImageConverter32.exe “<source>” “<destination>” <options>

    Be sure to use quotations for any folders or file names with spaces.

    Note you can use macros in the destination path:
    <DATE[:format]> – current date, default format is yyyymmdd
    <TIME[:format]> – current time, default format is hhmmss
    For example: destination “C:\<DATE>_<TIME:hhmm>” produce file C:\20181119_0858


    -Reg:off – Register program
    -UnReg:off – UnRegister program
    -About:off – Show About Dialog
    -lang – Used language
    ar – Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
    cs – Czech (Czech Republic)
    da – Danish (Denmark)
    de – German (Germany)
    es – Spanish (Spain, Traditional Sort)
    fr – French (France)
    it – Italian (Italy)
    ja – Japanese (Japan)
    ko – Korean (Korea)
    nl – Dutch (Netherlands)
    pt – Portuguese (Portugal)
    ru – Russian (Russia)
    sv – Swedish (Sweden)
    zh – Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan)
    en – English (United States)
    -log – Don`t show errors. Write them to the log file
    -verbosity – Log file verbosity
    error – Write to log file only errors (default)
    detail – Write detailed log file
    -logmode – Log file mode
    overwrite – Overwrite (default)
    append – Append
    -xmllog – XML format log file name
    -list – File with files mask to convert. Simple text file, each file on new line
    -Recurse:off – Include subfolders
    -do – Delete originals
    -kfs – Keep folder structure
    -kfl:off – Keep folder level
    -fo – Force overwrite existed files
    -rename:off – Force rename existed files
    -threads – Multi thread processing (0 – auto)
    -limit – Limit converted files to count
    -combine:off – Combine all files into one document (pdf, tiff)
    -ds:off – Copy original date stamps to converted documents
    -sort – Sort source file list
    unsorted – Unsorted, natural order (default)
    name – Sort by file name
    date – Sort by file modification date
    numbers – Sort by numbers in file name
    -ext – Use custom extension for output files
    -optionfile – text file with options to use, “opt=value”, one line – one option definition
    -c – Convert to
    PDF – convert to PDF
    TIF – convert to TIF
    BMP – convert to BMP
    PNG – convert to PNG
    JPG – convert to JPG
    JPG2000 – convert to JPG2000
    ICO – convert to ICO
    GIF – convert to GIF
    TGA – convert to TGA
    PXM – convert to PXM
    WebP – convert to WebP
    PS – convert to PS
    PCL – convert to PCL
    PPTX – convert to PPTX
    WebOptimize – convert to WebOptimize
    AVS – convert to AVS
    CIN – convert to CIN
    DOT – convert to DOT
    DPX – convert to DPX
    FITS – convert to FITS
    HDF – convert to HDF
    MIFF – convert to MIFF
    MTV – convert to MTV
    Palm – convert to Palm
    RAW – convert to RAW
    PICT – convert to PICT
    SGI – convert to SGI
    SUN – convert to SUN
    VICAR – convert to VICAR
    VIFF – convert to VIFF
    XBM – convert to XBM
    XPM – convert to XPM
    -cimt – Combine images to multipage document
    none – Every image to separate file
    onefile – All images to one file
    folder – Separate files by folders
    name – Separate files by common name part
    -npr – Range you want to analyze for grouping files by name
    -s – Resize to <Width>x<Height>
    -o – Rotate
    tr – top / right side
    br – bottom / right side
    bl – bottom / left side
    lt – left side / top
    rt – right side / top
    rb – right side / bottom
    lb – left side / bottom
    -crop – Crop to <Left>x<Top>-<Right>x<Bottom>
    -bkgnd – Color (html format) used to convert transparent image to non-transparent, e.g. png to jpeg
    -cl – BMP colors
    bw – black & white
    gray – grayscale
    16 – 16 colors
    256 – 256 colors
    64K – 65536 colors
    true – true colors
    32bit – 32bit bitmap with transparency
    -pclm – PCL mode
    mono – Monoschrome
    gray – Grayscale
    color – Color
    -tc – TIFF Image Compression
    U – uncompressed TIFF
    L – LZW compression
    R – RLE compression (packbits)
    J – JPEG compression
    CC – Bilevel Huffman compression (CCITT1D)
    G3FAX1D – Bilevel Group 3 CCITT compression, monodimensional (G3FAX1D)
    G3FAX2D – Bilevel Group 3 CCITT compression, bidimensional (G3FAX2D)
    G4 – Bilevel Group 4 CCITT compression, bidimensional (G4FAX)
    -tiffpi – TIFF Photometric interpretation
    wz – White is zero
    bz – Black is zero
    rgb – RGB
    pal – RGB Palette
    mask – Transparent mask
    cmyk – CMYK
    ycbcr – YCBCR
    cielab – CIELAB
    -dpi – Image DPI
    -tjq – TIFF JPEG Quality (1-100)
    -TM – Top Margin (inches)
    -LM – Left Margin (inches)
    -BM – Bottom Margin (inches)
    -RM – Right Margin (inches)
    -po – Paper Orientation
    P – Portrait
    L – Landscape
    -ps – Paper size
    Letter – Letter
    LetterSmall – LetterSmall
    Tabloid – Tabloid
    Ledger – Ledger
    Legal – Legal
    Statement – Statement
    Executive – Executive
    Folio – Folio
    A0 – A0
    A1 – A1
    A2 – A2
    A3 – A3
    A4 – A4
    A4Small – A4Small
    A5 – A5
    B4 – B4
    B5 – B5
    Quarto – Quarto
    EnvC5 – Envelope C5
    EnvC3 – Envelope C3
    EnvC4 – Envelope C4
    EnvC6 – Envelope C6
    EnvB4 – Envelope B4
    EnvB5 – Envelope B5
    EnvB6 – Envelope B6
    EnvMonarch – Envelope Monarch
    Custom – Custom, you need to set paper dimensions
    -pd – Custom paper size dimensions in mm <width>x<height>
    -jq – JPEG Quality
    -jsc – JPEG Color space
    rgb – Separate RGB channels
    gray – Unique intensity channel (gray levels)
    ycbcr – Three channels (CCIR Recommendation 601-1)
    cmyk – Four channels (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) – linear conversion
    ycbcrk – Four channels (YCbCr and Black)
    -autosize – The size of the document pages will be calculated automatically
    -fitpage:off – Fit drawing to page
    -pc – PDF file compression
    F – Fastest compression
    N – Normal compression
    M – Maximum compression
    -pvl – PDF initial page layout
    sp – Single page
    oc – One column
    tcol – Two columns, odd-numbered pages on left
    tcor – Two columns, odd-numbered pages on right
    tpol – Two pages, odd-numbered pages on left
    tpor – Two pages, odd-numbered pages on right
    -pvm – PDF initial page mode
    normal – Normal view
    outlines – Show the outlines pane
    thumbnails – Show the thumbnails pane
    fullscreen – Show the document in full screen mode
    optional – Optional content group panel visible
    attachments – Attachments panel visible
    -mp – PDF master (owner) password
    -up – PDF user password
    -perm – PDF user permissions
    Print – Print
    Copy – Copy
    Modify – Modify
    Annotation – Annotation
    FormFill – FormFill
    Accessibility – Accessibility
    DocAssembly – DocAssembly
    HighResPrint – HighResPrint
    -PFXFile – PFX File for sign document
    -PFXPass – The password to open the PFX file
    -SignName – The name of the signature field to sign
    -SignLoc – The location that the signing was done
    -SignCon – The contact information of the signer
    -SignRes – The reason for signing document
    -PDFAuthor – PDF document author
    -PDFSubject – PDF document subject
    -PDFTitle – PDF document title
    -PDFProducer – PDF document Producer
    -pdfa:off – PDF/A compatibility mode
    -pdfver – PDF document format version 1.2 – 1.6
    -pdfzoom – PDF document default page zoom
    default – default
    fitwindow – fit to window
    fitwidth – fit width
    10 – 10%
    25 – 25%
    50 – 50%
    75 – 75%
    100 – 100%
    150 – 150%
    200 – 200%
    400 – 400%
    -pdflimit – Limit size of PDF to <limit>
    -maxpages – Process only <pages> from multipage image file
    -pci – Image compression for PDF
    U – U
    R – R
    G4 – G4
    G3 – G3
    J – J
    L – L
    -wmt – Watermark text
    -wmr – Watermark rotate angle
    -wtr – Watermark transparency (0-100)
    -wmf – Watermark font [name,size,color]
    -wmh – Watermark horizontal position
    L – Left
    C – Center
    R – Right
    -wmv – Watermark vertical position
    T – Top
    C – Center
    B – Bottom
    -wmm – Watermark margins [left,top,right,bottom]
    -wif – Watermark image file name

    Have fun learning, folks.

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    Dr. Review

    [@Peter Blaise]

    As I said before : “Apparently you haven’t read the description”.

    It says : “Total Image Converter is a unique converter – it converts almost all popular image formats (JPEG, WebP, GIF, BMP, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF, WMF, PSD and 20 more formats). Many RAW formats such as CRW, CR2, NEF, DNG and others are supported as well to process photos. In spite of the widest list of supported formats, Total Image Converter is still easy-to-use. All you have to do is to set the required size or format and Total Image Converter automatically does the rest. It also easily resizes, crops and rotates images in the batch mode.”.

    It does what it claims to do.

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    Peter Blaise

    [@Dr. Review]

    Why do you keep posting unresponsive posts?

    USING the program — actually USING the program — brings up the presentation by the program itself — by the program itself — of an “optimize” function choice selection …

    … that the programmers themselves are averse to define or describe what “optimize” means,

    … and that you also apparently do not know anything about what they mean by an “optimize” option, only writing the unclear comment “… While the optimize feature and all that stuff might be simple, that’s what it’s meant to do “Quick and simple conversion” not advanced image editing …” — so, do you believe the “optimize” in CoolUtils total Image converter is or is not “simple” or is or is now “advanced image editing” or what?

    Maybe CoolUtils could join in here and answer?

    I’m not writing about “… extra features being mentioned here and said to be lacking …”, I’m writing about something — “optimize” — that was presented by the program itself during actual use.

    Hey, the CoolUtils Total Image Converter programmers themselves brought up the “optimize” feature, not me, and they failed to explain it, and failed to use the word in ways that other programs use the word “optimize” when working with digital image files.

    Regarding reading-descriptions-before-actually-using-the-program … no, it does not offer to convert to DNG — free Adobe Camera Raw / DNg Converter can — and for me it accepted a request to convert to Web Optimized, but failed to convert to Web Optimized, with no explanation.

    And it is deadly, unforgivingly, non-competitively -s-l-o-w- and -u-n-r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-v-e- for me, compared to free IrfanView and free Picasa and free Adobe.

    You wrote “… It does what it claims to do …” but you do not give details of what it did for you.

    I’m especially curious about your specific experience because you mentioned that CoolUtils Total Image Converter was fast for you — from what kind of files and sizes to what kinds of files and sizes, and on what computer specifications?

    But hey, thanks for sharing.

    CoolUtils themselves is welcome to our feedback here, and they can join and address any question … if they want to.

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    Dr. Reviewer

    [@Peter Blaise]

    As I said before, it does what it says it states it does, you are trying to say that it doesn’t. If you want to compare it, that’s fine, but making the false claim that it does not do what it does in the description is misleading.

    Sure there’s better ones with more options. And as for what it does for me, it does exactly what it says it does in the description.

    I’m not trying to argue with you, I am pointing out that most of what you are mentioned you are correct on, but what you fail to mention is that it does what the description says that it does, it does not claim to do nothing more.

    And as for the “OPTIMIZE” feature you keep talking about, that’s a broad range of views, OPTIMIZE does not mean ONE MAGIC button fixes all, it means it does what the documentation states it does.


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    Peter Blaise

    [@Dr. Reviewer]

    Thanks for somehow acknowledging, again, that you also have no idea what CoolUtils means by “optimize” in their Total Image Converter Program — that makes three of is: you, me, and CoolUtils themselves.

    And again, it does not offer to convert TO the file-types it lists, especially specifically converting raw to DNg, and for me it failed to convert to Web Optimized with no explanation, just a failure / skipped message.

    So, no, it does not do what it promised to do.

    More important to me, if you are going to share, is your experience of success ( or failure ) with CoolUtils Total Image Converter:

    — from what kind of files and sizes,
    — to what kinds of files and sizes,
    — on what computer specifications?

    As I have.


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    [@Peter Blaise] Thank you for your detailed feedback! ‘Optimize’ can be misleading though. This is an option for webmasters who need to follow Google’s rules for smaller images on the sites. People have thousands of images on different pages. Total Image Converter from Coolutils takes them and compresses them to a smaller size keeping the visual quality. So it does not work with RAW images, the whole idea is different.

    If you convert RAW to TIFF or JPEG, it will work fine.

    Total Image Converter is a batch converter. It does not offer any additional image processing. It shines when you have 10,000 old DNG photos and you decide to save all of them as smaller JPEG images. With TIC you can do it in 3 clicks.

    Thank you again for all your feedback! I appreciate that.

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    [@Firas Salim] Thank you!

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