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    Have something to say about UnHackMe 12? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than UnHackMe 12, post it here! If you know of issues with UnHackMe 12, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Garbage. Doesn’t install. Stop wasting peoples time!!

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    Reg Pellow

    This will not download or install, auto, manual or via clipboard

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    Antenor Tancara

    huHackMe very interesting for your computer, I strongly recommend you use new products,
    be more familiar with these productos.

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    Antenor Tancara

    No deje de utilizar estos productos, de muy buena oferata, es increíble-

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    [@rodken] After you run the downloaded SOS program, it only downloads a zip file. You have to manually unzip and run the unhackme program from the zip. Then enter the supplied registration code.
    Hope this helps you.

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    Upgraded from a slightly older version that I had never run. No problems with install, didn’t try to register yet and won’t.

    The program flagged a folder I created as malicious, along with 2 empty folders and another folder that, after a half hour of web searching, I don’t think is malicious. It contained two .INI files. I’ll rename them, see if anything breaks or if something writes new versions. Date on them is from 2018.

    Under Startup programs, it flagged every internet shortcut or start menu shortcut or other shortcut on my system, about 1/3 to 1/2 as malicious. Then it flagged most of the items in my task scheduler as malicious, including those from Microsoft and Dell.

    It said the browser extensions related to my Bitdefender antivirus are malicious. It never found the Opera browser that I switched to recently. A link to a Google update service in a registry was flagged as bad because the file could not be found. The very next key in the registry pointed to the same thing (an address to a file at Google) yet UnHackMe did not report this second key.

    If there are any real issues amongst the 317 “malware issues found”, I think it would take me weeks to figure it out.

    There’s an option to get more information about a file. It always returns the same information about the program that’s SCANNING the files. It even flagged the downloaded installer file for UnHackMe as being bad. Maybe it’s trying to say something with that one!

    Your mileage will definitely vary, but this program is not helping me at all.

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    Greatis Software,

    On the 13th, I didn’t have time to sign the gift, what a pity, I was late, it happens :)
    26e with serial number 99 will also do.
    Why can’t you be neutral and make signatures and releases and versions, how is it?
    It is imperative that you be turned full head and there are enough people like you above the roof.

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    AVG flags unhackme and quarantines one of its files, backmon.exe as a Worm called IDR.SEMS.WannaCry1

    This worm is used is used to encrypt peoples harddrive and ask for a ransome! Why unackme should contain that
    perhaps someone else could post? Prog still registered and worked after AVG quarantined the file , and then flaged up thunderstruck which is part of Windows. I am reluctant to trust anything Unhackme flags up ?

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    AVG says this prog contained backmon.exe which is infected with IDR.SEMS.WannaCry1. Which is very worrying as that is the worm
    that can encrypt your computer and hold you to ransom? I let AVG quarantine the file and the prog appeared to still install ok and register ok. It is still scanning while I write this review so I dont know how long I am willing to wait before I quit? It might help if the prog told you an estimated scanning time ? Would be pleased if someone cold post in the reviews an an explanation for the wannacry worm in this prog ?

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