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    Have something to say about UnHackMe? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than UnHackMe, post it here! If you know of issues with UnHackMe, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    jakob yane


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    jakob yane


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    downloaded but only see hub file not exe file. thought it was my antivirus and temporarily turned it off but still no luck

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    I like the software BUT need a re-design of the interface, and need to stop recognize as dangerous and blink in status bar for almost ANYTHING.

    A antivirus/malware/rootkit must alert the user for serious things, if alert for almost anything, turn to be irritating.

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    Svend Östergaard

    [@Antonio] Agree in all!

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    Peter Blaise

    GreatIs ( ? ) UnHackMe is very weird and ambiguous, there are too many windows doing too many things at once, this is not an end user’s tool, but a programmer’s personal tool, it’s hard to understand how the programmer uses this, things are check-marked without a discernible purpose, color backgrounds change without a discernible function, I’m not sure what changes will happen if I click anything, I can’t see if there’s a toggle for undo, I can’t even identify what button to click to make anything actually do anything but dance between windows without actually doing anything, and then I had to do most of the work outside the program to inspect any found items to see if they were reported risky by anyone else, so what’s this for if I’m going to do all the work anyway?

    Sadly, this is part of a syndrome of programs getting dumber and dumber, and users have to become programmers just to operate the programs.

    While I appreciate that it’s really hard to write a program, that’s what programmers do, that’s not what end users do, we just want a program to work, and only offer us pre-action information if there are exceptions, and even then we want the program to give us intelligent advice — none of that is happening here.

    Sorry, this program is no different or better for all the years it’s been around, it has not gotten smarter, more automatic, nor easier to use.


    — ONE screen.

    — … please wait, scanning …

    — Results on the SAME SCREEN:

    — item 1 is not malicious but is reported as unwanted, it does [ name what it does ], if you value that feature, then click here to keep it, otherwise, we’ll set it aside so you can restore it or delete it / remove it altogether later …

    — item 2 is malicious, it was installed on such-and-such a date apparently along with [ name the same-time installed program ], again, click here to keep it, otherwise, we’ll set it aside so you can restore it or totally delete it later …

    — … and so on.

    — Scroll the ONE SCREEN to review than click [ take action ] on each item or click [ take all actions ] at the top or bottom of the list, don’t worry, all items will still be available later either in place, set aside ( quarantine ), or in the recycle bin ( removed ), so you can undo or reverse any choice so long as copies of items stay in quarantine or the recycle bin …

    — Click to reboot, we’ll show you this screen with results after reboot, and you can open this screen any time later to review and repeat any scans, review history, undo anything ( if a copy is available ), and or permanently delete anything.

    Yes, always show items in quarantine and the recycle bin from previous scans so we can see history and undo capability.

    Simple and smart.


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    spam Sorenson

    The very first install and run tried to modify my host file….

    When you do these things tell us what you are doing “UNhackme needs to modify your .host file to block the following IPs and redirects… 123.234.345.456 (google or akamai or whoever”

    and get rid of that recapcha

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    [@Peter Blaise]

    And try to uninstall Unhackme!

    I have used this program before. But I did not like it, so I decided to uninstall it. Unfortunately it was not an easy task to clean the registry of all the traces that were missed by Revo Uninstaller and its own (Unhackme’s) uninstaller.

    I had to perform a deep search to hunt down numerous entries that were lingering about in the registry.

    Among many others, I found one, very puzzling, entry left by Unhackme, the entry called “Reviver“, which immediately

    raised my suspicion: Reviver of what?

    All in all, it was not that easy to unhack Unhackme from the registry, pun intended.

    Based on my past experience with Unhackme, I will definitely avoid installing this program.

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    Mark Dunbar

    [@Ashraf] Well as usual and just like the last time it was offered it gave me it’s own little worms to remove…. This time had to do a reset back 3 days. Don’t trust this company with your shit it ain’t worth it…

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    [@Ashraf] 謝謝

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    Tom Dunlop

    The giveaway won’t register and is more like “nagware” where you can not leave unattended. You have to “prove” you are a human with a captcha so you must stay while the program scans.

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    Lê Tuấn

    [@jakob yane] Tôi không thể nhập key thành công với key U996-AU07-SO18-7KZM
    Định dạng key không đúng

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