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    Have something to say about UniPDF Pro Expert? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than UniPDF Pro Expert, post it here! If you know of issues with UniPDF Pro Expert, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Keith Elms

    I have downloaded and installed UNIPDF Pro but cannot find anywhere to register the program.
    Can someone please advise ??

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    Jack Scott

    I’d LOVE to leave a nice comment, BUT – after trying to convert 3 different PDFs to Word, then to text, and failing to do so, I GIVE UP. In my opinion, this program is worthless. A waste of time. Uninstalled.

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    david roper

    What a clean and neat interface. So simple and easy to use. 5 stars for that alone.

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    david roper

    [ @Keith Elms] I downloaded from the link offered. When I ran it, it had a little lonesome REGISTER button and easy to fill in. Try again from the email offer link.

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    [ @Jack Scott]

    I don’t have Word, but I was able to easily convert a pdf file to text.

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    Keith Elms

    @david roper
    I have deleted and reinstalled the utility numerous times but on no occasion did I see any register button

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    Jack Scott

    Basically useless – uninstalled.

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    thanks guys I love it your website

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    Steven Taub

    I’m impressed. Accurate and fast conversion from PDF to Word.

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    John Stampfel

    Has this version of the program been enhanced to include OCR? Earlier versions did not have OCR and therefore could not convert image-based PDFs. Without that feature it would be basically worthless, as many free programs can handle the PDFs which are not image-based.

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    I would give this program an ABSOLUTE ZERO rating!
    Despite careful following of the instructions all you get is the program opening BUT there is absolutely NO WAY to enter registration details.

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    I downloaded the program from both the lik on the website and from the link emailed to me – neither installation gave a **Register** window, popup, menu itme – nothing. I find no way to enter the info – just as other’s have mentioned.

    If something is being given away to drive sales – it needs to work else it can act negatively.

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    Lewis Bailey

    I am impressed with this software … Highly Recommended.
    ● Small footprint ● Very fast conversion ● Very accurate conversion, better than Adobe Acrobat 9.
    ► No CONS detected … all PROS.

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    To people having trouble registering.
    Try this:
    Install the software but don’t try to register it.
    Drag & drop any pdf into the main window.
    Pick one of the conversion types and click on convert.
    I used “Source Folder” for the destination only so I could find the files easily.
    Do this three more times with different conversion types.
    On the fourth conversion, a registration/buy window will pop-up since UniPDF Free will only convert 3 files per day.
    Enter the SOS registration information, click “Register”, and you are good to go.
    You can select “Cancel” when the window to start the conversion shows up.

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