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    Have something to say about VideoGet? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than VideoGet, post it here! If you know of issues with VideoGet, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    “You get no free updates; if you update the program, it may turn into a trial” as mentioned by Terms and Conditions-But How can I stop the updates because auto updater is enabled by default in this software and there is no way to turned it off. BIG Joke!!!

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    lawas Smoley

    firefox plug-in its NOT work! https youtube links its NOT download!

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    [@joji] This giveaway has no free updates or free tech support. The above means, no free Minor or Major version updates. However you are able to use script auto-updater. It allows to be always in touch with latest updates in supported websites by VideoGet.

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    “Apowersoft Streaming Video Recorder” or “14 VideoGet”?

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    Will this program download videos from websites that are not YouTube-type video websites?

    The webpage savefrom.net grabs an awful lot of videos for me.

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    No updates, so if the program has a security problem, it doesn’t get fixed. This would allow malicious software on your computer and video sites are one of the most common places to have malicious software. This makes the program useless.

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    [@Irena] Thank you for the clarification! Some of the comments indicate that folks think that this ‘box’ has to do with updating VideoGet, which would turn it back into a trial.

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    [@Suze] Hi, Suze! Thanks. It seems, here is a little confusion.
    At TERMS AND CONDITIONS, under VideoGet installers, the second item shows: “You get no free updates; if you update the program, it may turn into a trial.”
    Probably, would be better to rephrase it: “You are limited with software updates and technical support; if you REINSTALL the program, it may turn into a trial.”

    When you gets program by freebie offer, user must understand, that the software product is presented in its full functionality. The only difference that with this offered program you will not get tech support, and will not receive minor updates in software features. The software is available for download for 48 hours (or more). If you decide to reinstall it after the promo finished, you wouldn’t be able to register it, which may turn program into demonstrated version.

    User shouldn’t afraid with program “Auto-updater” feature. This option is for dynamical update of application script every time when you start the application. It allows to get a fresh updates in supported websites by VideoGet. It just updating the program to keep up to date with the latest changes, as popular video websites sometimes may change their script or developer can introduce new supported websites.

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    [@Suze] Dear Benji, VideoGet doesn’t collect any viruses. Software updates occasionally contains bug fixes and product enhancements. Usual freebie giveaway has special terms and conditions for the people who download: no free updates, no free tech support, home/personal use only, and must be downloaded/installed/registered (as applicable) before the freebie giveaway offer is over. This are common rules in such offers. When you afraid about software security, therefore you may look after a good antivirus program.
    In addition, if you faced in issue using VideoGet received from giveaway promo, you may request help at Nuclear Coffee tech support department. I’m sure you will not be denied in assistance :)

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    Sorry if I’m slow…. Terms say there are no free updates, Irene saying there are updates (thanks for your time btw), I get this from the features on their site “Script auto-updater allows you to be always in touch with latest version”, does that mean it will update the software and make this free version trial. What it is I am looking for is a simple answer: There are updates OR There are no updates. Thanks.

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    I didn’t try out the convert function but based on a quick run-through it looks like the other features of this VideoGet program do what they’re supposed to do and it does it well with a very friendly interface.

    I did encounter one problem pertaining to the audio on my Windows 10 Dell Laptop. VideoGet downloads its own audio driver/device (Apowersource). After I installed the program (which included the audio driver) I lost all the audio on my computer.

    By playing around with the audio settings (right clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray and selecting playback devices) I discovered that the program changed the default from the original system driver to its (Apowersource) audio driver/device. That seems to be okay as long as the program remains open, but when the program is closed the default isn’t changed back to original system driver, which causes all the audio on the computer to be muted.

    Once I figured this out I manually changed the default back to the original system driver (after closing the VideoGet program) which solved the muting problem. If VideoGet is reopened it changes the default back to its driver and the process starts all over again after it is closed.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? Does anyone know of a workaround so the driver doesn’t have to be manually reset after closing the program?

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    [@rodken] Hello, thanks gor the feedback. “Auto updater” feature will not turn VideoGet to trial mode!

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    [@AlGee] Hi, thank you for the detailed description. It’s a bit strange. VideoGet doesn’t include named above system driver. Need to investigate this question more closely. Could you please contact Nuclear Coffee Support regarding mentioned issue, please. Thanks for your time!

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    [ @Ashraf]

    There IS NO MAC VERSION, AS the description page shows..?

    Please FIX (before the Gift – GiveAway) ENDS SOON?


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