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    Have something to say about Vole PDF Creator Professional LTUD? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Vole PDF Creator Professional LTUD, post it here! If you know of issues with Vole PDF Creator Professional LTUD, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Ivan Ivanov

    Здравствуйте ! После запуска исполняемого файла Vole PDF Creator Professional LTUD.exe программа установки выдаёт сообщение:
    “Error creating process <msiexec.exe /i VolePDFCreator.msi>. Reason:: Не удается найти указанный файл.” и программа установки
    сбрасывается. Прошу помочь с устранением этого бага.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Butch Garst

    License will not register. Made account. Received license txt file. Imported, continued to show free version. Wil not allow me to click Renew Code Manager Button. WHAT A FAILURE!

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    I can’t install it. MSI failure (msiexec.exe/iVolePDFCreator.msi). Even turning off the antivirus. What a pity!

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    Went through the maze and it installed okay, but I can’t figure out how to use it and can’t find a user guide. Will no doubt uninstall shortly absent any user guide.

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    Hello; the license file is imported but i always have a “free version” displayed, even after a new start of this software.
    Best regards.

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    I also have problem that Renew Code Manager button seems to do nothing and after opening with “Free” not showing in title, if I click the blue info button, “Free” reappears in title. So there seems to be a problem. Please reply.

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    [ @dec] You must click on the key-symbol “renew code manager” and not restart the program itself.

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    Doktor Thomas™

    This software looks interesting.
    I have a daily need for PDF editing software since Adobe has lost its way. Each new offerring raises my curiosity.
    This software is poorly presented. The author’s page may be well conceived but the message is unclear. One simply cannot tell what this software does and doesn’t do.

    Perhaps non-Americans are impressed with Word, but Microsoft is more loathed than liked. Their bloated illogical software is simply expensive and unhandy. So reference to it when proffering third-party software is not an asset. [I have been a WordPerfect fan since WordPerfect2.0; it is head and shoulders above MSFT–unless you are illogical and like unnecessarily complicated interfaces and poorly written, large bloat, slow operating software.] Even if Office came entirely free EOM (it isn’t worth any more than that price) with my PC, I would use WordPerfect and their office suit.

    This PDF offer is further complicated by the “LCUD” add-on–a meaningless acronym for all individuals who do not work for the authoring company. It means nothing to outsiders; it is unexplained anywhere I could I find.

    The authors’ details regarding the use of “tables” within the software are imprecise. Any good wordprocessing software handles tables that can be accurately converted to PDF. WordPerfect does this nicely, by the way. Whatever is being said by the author, is unclear. So what then does this software do?

    That more than anything is the question.

    While grammatically correct, it is apparent non-American English speakers developed the website and software. If native web builders were employed, they do not understand what the software does either. In any event, the company needs to approach the sale of the software as if users have no previous experience (except booting winOS) in order to clearly delineate what the software does and doesn’t do. It is plainly unclear. ©2018

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    Norman Wong

    [ @john] Please search “0HRgf_mLrQc” in google and watch the tutorial video.

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    Norman Wong

    [@Doktor Thomas™] What LTUD means? LTUD = Life time use plus free updates.

    More detail, please go to the software main page (has been provided by SoS) and see “THE FINE PRINT”.

    For language, please go to Sanwhole homepage to see About.

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    I CAN’T RUN THE SOFTWARE AFTER SUCCESSFUL INSTALLS. This is my understanding of the instructions (which missed a step or two at #2).

    1) open a Sanwhole account with real full Name, email & pswd; 2) Login again using the “HI” tab at the top right-hand corner; 3) click IMPORT PURCHASE & paste SharewareOnSale license key; 4) IMPORT SUCCESSFULLY!; 5) click DOWNLOAD LICENSES FILE and the same BUTTON when it pops up; 6) When prompted save VOLELICENSES.TXT; 7) install Vole PDF Creator Professional LTUD; 8) run Vole PDF** & click on the blue i button at the top right; 9) go to SPECIFY LICENSE FILE & insert VOLELICENSES.TXT; 10) click RENEW CODE MANAGER to enjoy?

    **ERROR encountered during run: When You try to run it a small screen that says “waiting your… [ok]” pops up. Then followed by “’VolePDFCreator’ encountered a problem and needed to close. Continue to run may be unstable. (Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation).” It is looking for “VolePDFCreator.msi”

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    Norman Wong

    [@Alphie] Sorry for this. Could you please let me know your operation system specs?

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    Norman Wong

    Hello everyone! We found a program BUG. The Blank_RTF example embedded in Vole PDF Creator already contains a table, but the program does not have an embedded Super WordPad editor. As a result, Blank_RTF cannot be exported to PDF properly. We will be releasing a new version of the embedded Super WordPad editor tomorrow to solve this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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