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    Hi, on the link in the email which takes you to the Winscribe website, there’s no log in just a sign up. Why is this?

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    jak nie dam 5 gwiazdek nie mogę ocenić programu bo strona żąda podniesienia oceny – ocena max 3 gwiazdki ale teraz to już 1 gwiazdka.. nie korzystam bo na co komu tylko 60gb? daliby jak konkurencja nielimitowany to może bym używał. 60 gb to mi zchodzi czasem w 1 dzień – owszem głównie na pobieraniu instalatorów, ale i bez tego w kilka tyg użyję całość a co potem? oferty limitowanego vpn są bez sensu. większości może to starczy więc firma dając bez limitu transfer dużo by nie straciła – bo jedni użyją 60gb inni 10gb a inni pobiorą 200gb ale będą mieli komfort korzystania a nie bat nad głową “oszczędzaj transfer”

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    Osborne Lamoree

    VERY confusing for installation. It gives me a paid voucher indicating 60GB as a Promotional Offer but on the Account page, says 2GB. I have entered the voucher number and have the voucher showing 60GB BUT in my account, still says 2GB. Have “Claimed Voucher” again and get, You Must Verify your Email Address…. but gives NO indication how to do that! The page stays stuck telling me to verify my email address. How do I proceed?

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    [@Michael] Hover your mouse over the signup button to see login button.

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    [@Osborne Lamoree] Refresh the page…

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    how could you say that it fits 99% of the user, say it fits people like you!!!
    it is rabish, 60 GB is nothing , it is not unlimited as they say

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    Very useful!!

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    Thank you, Joseph, for posting your finding about Windscribe’s failure to hide one’s true location.

    I must admit that I falsely assumed that Windscribe would hide my location. Now I am wondering about the usefulness of having this program on my machine. I will probably uninstall it.

    Mind you though, it is not easy to get rid of all the stuff this program installs in the registry. I learned it the hard way when I decided to uninstall it from my previous computer. Although I used the Revo Uninstaller, which is considered, by some, to be one of the best uninstallers, still I was able to find quite a number of entries missed by Revo.

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    Sam fisher

    hey. this worked it. I got it 60gb that nice .. thanks

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    60GB Windscribe VPN sounded like a great deal.
    I signed up 14 hours ago, but cannot get the Voucher code to work, as it states that my Email must be verified.
    It is a valid email (I receive lots of other email there). I have checked many times over the last 14 hours, nothing from them in my Inbox nor my Spam/junk folder filter. I have searched for “windscribe” but nothing in from them.
    So still I have three red exclamation marks on my email within the https://windscribe.com/myaccount page.
    And no way to verify the email — there is no ‘resend’ button, no ‘verify’ button, no way to make the verification email be sent to me.

    How can I proceed when it does not allow any further steps?

    Help please.

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    I have reloaded the page several times. Tried both Firefox (52-ESR) and Safari. Unblocked the adblocker for Windscribe. Stopped and started browsers. Stopped and started computer. Hovered over buttons. Logged out, log back in, which it accepts as valid user credential, but status is still “Email not verified!!!”
    Nothing helps.
    I can log into the account I created. But cannot claim the voucher. Thus the account is a normal free 2 GB Windscribe account so far.
    No way to make it to the SharewareOnSale 60GB voucher code account.
    Tried the “Upgrade to 10GB” with voucher code as Promo code. This results in it stating that I must “confirm your email to claim this voucher”, but provides no way to do that.

    A nightmare.

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    P.S. 2
    I even ‘changed’ my email from existing to same existing (since it is a valid email). This action appears to succeed as it replies with message:
    “Great, now check your Inbox (or Spam folder) for a confirmation email.”

    But still, no inbound email from Windscribe, nor for any agent of theirs. Though other emails do come in within that time period.

    Note, I am using webmail for this. And have never labeled ‘windscribe’ as spam (since I’ve never gotten any email from them), so it should not even be being identified as spam anyway.

    So, still unable to verify email, unable to claim voucher, unable to get the SharewareOnSale 60GB ‘deal’.
    Looks like it will probably expire soon with no resolution.

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