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    Have something to say about WinToHDD Professional? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than WinToHDD Professional, post it here! If you know of issues with WinToHDD Professional, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you. Such a simple and quit usefull tool. Love it. Good offer shareware.

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    merci infiniment pour ce logiciel c’est juste parfait,
    merci merci merci

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    I truthfully think this great,Thank You and you are doing a great service

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    Mon antivirus me dit que ce logiciel est vérolé et il l’élimine tout de suite.

    Mon logiciel antivirus est Panda.

    Le virus détecté est : W32/Exploit.gen

    Merci de votre réponse.

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    Peter Blaise


    How does Panda assess the DOS Format command?

    You can use VirusTotal.com to upload and check software before installation.

    I have NO anti virus or anti malware programming running on my computer — it would be like covering my car with safety foam … but I cannot see to drive and control things.

    AT LEAST turn off Panda for download operations, THEN upload the download to VirusTotal to confirm it’s okay, THEN run the program, and THEN tell Panda to exclude the program as a false claim.

    Enjoy — this is great programming offering, but if Panda thinks you don’t need it, maybe Panda is the real operator of your computer, the real driver, and you should stay in the trunk, or stay at home, in another room, off the computer, while Panda does all the thinking for you.

    It’s called a PC because it’s a PERSONAL computer, not a PANDA computer.

    I sincerely hope you did not PAY for PANDA.

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    David Hough

    Downloaded, installed and registered (activated) without a hitch.

    Single lifetime license with no free updates, and updating may result in loss of registration.

    That seems just right to me, and if it works as it should will be very useful indeed.

    Many thanks to Ashraf, and to EasyUEFI

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    eh, ti fa istallare la versione free che non si può registrare. Che strazio!!!

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    After registration with WVJUGYMT-CNZKVETT-CW6R45JA-XRJPSJTX-RZ3DUQBE-DFQMX6F2, not working professional version, message: invalid key.
    Please help.

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    [@Stevo] same problem, and i hawe the same key “WVJUGYMT-CNZKVETT-CW6R45JA-XRJPSJTX-RZ3DUQBE-DFQMX6F2”

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    WintoHDD Pro

    Downloaded & installed without any issues.

    Anything that makes installing Windows easier is a really useful addition to a users software tool-box!

    Thank you Sharewareonsale and EasyUEFI. :)

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    Herman Weksler

    Many Thanks for your great software!

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    Valentin Kalchev

    Just in time! Ineeded such a good program for my PC. I’m having some problems with the HDD. Hope I’ll
    solved it with WintoHDD! Thanks again,Ashraf!

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    Does anyone know the difference between WinToHDD and WinToFlash? Which one is better? especially for restoring a corrupted Win?
    Or is it possible – and perhaps the best option – to simply use windows reset feature?

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