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    Have something to say about ZD Soft Screen Recorder? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than ZD Soft Screen Recorder, post it here! If you know of issues with ZD Soft Screen Recorder, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you Ashraf and ZDSoft!

    I am having a problem recording with this software. When I try and record a file using .mp4 the only file output I end up with is 1kb in size and contains nothing. I am using Windows 10 and running as administrator.
    I get the same result trying to record .flv
    It records the screen using .avi but no matter what settings I have tried it will not record audio.

    I don’t get any error message or anything like that, the file is always output at 1kb.
    I have tried changing settings like Detect game screen and the other selections with no luck. Video is also checkmarked in the general settings area.
    I know my PC will play .mp4 files because I have several of them on my PC already that play fine.

    Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

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    Just wanted to do a follow up. I have found my issue, it has nothing to do with ZDSoft Screen Recorder settings.

    Thought I would mention it in case anyone else runs into this problem.

    In my case I also have a USB TV Tuner and a Web Cam installed on my PC.

    What I did and what working for me : On Windows 10 latest update I had to go into
    settings/system/sounds and under “Input” I changed the input sound from my USB TV Tuner to my sound card. After doing that audio and video record fine.

    Everything is working as it should now.

    Thanks again Ashraf and ZDSoft!

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    Anthony Richardson

    screen recorder will not let download software

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    Jim McKeefery

    How do you register the screen recorder software. ?

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    Jim McKeefery

    [ @Jim McKeefery] Sorry found second email with details

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    I can’t instal it. username, email and license key doesn’t work.

    Thanks for your help


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    Osborne Lamoree

    Interested, so I DLed the proggy. Couldn’t find where to enter the name/email/code so went to the ZD page and put in the information… name/email/license key. It notified me that the Version I have installed is NOT compatible with the Serial Number and to update, download here. So I got “SRSetup” instead of the SOS install screens… I had already installed the SOS version and run the program but couldn’t find/verify if it was registered. So I DLed and installed the “SRSetup” and it works fine… but no way to find “About” it see if it is registered either. Any ideas?

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    This is an excellent program. Everything works 100% and I love everything about it.

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    Installed but can’t activate with license key furnished. When I select activate next to license key, it says info invalid.

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    [ @Bob] Never mind. I figured it out.

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    Installation completely fails. The Hub downloads a file named “ZD Soft Screen Recorder.exe”. Yet if you try to either have the Hub install it, or manually install it yourself, it fails saying it’s looking for a file named “ScnRec.msi” WHICH DOES NOT EXIST.

    Can’t see a way around it.

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Dave Cole

    Notes for potential users, and to the ZD programmers. I like your program, but:
    I downloaded and tried to install ZD SSR. The SetUp page had three choices – change (grayed out), repair, remove. I downloaded it and tried to install again. Same results.

    So I tried “repair”. A bunch of files were “copied” to my computer, but I could not find them. I tried using Revo Uninstaller to discover the file location. Revo listed it a software on my computer, but could not direct me to its location. Checking the Registry, the “Display Name” and “Product Name” were listed several times. The only other registry entry was the location of the setup exe file. Trying to uninstall, Revo found nothing.

    Downloaded the file from SOS again, and installed as administrator. This time it installed, but shortcut on desktop did not work. Started from the exe file in the installation directory. Finally got to the registration page and registered successfully. Shortcut then worked.

    When I closed the program, could not find the icon in tray that is sort of a menu. Had to start it again to see the menu.

    Personally, I don’t like the control panel hogging the bottome right of the task tray. Would much rather have a floating panel.

    Let me repeat – I like this program, but I think improvements could be made along the lines of the above statements.

    My system: Windows 10 pro 64 bit, Intel i5-3570K 3.40 Gh processor; 16 gig memory, 57% available; 240Gb SSD, 159 Gb free.

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    after installation, I cannot find the icon/path for registration, pls help

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