IMPORTANT: Change in Terms & Conditions

Hi friends,

Just wanted to post a quick update about a change in how we will be presenting the “Terms & Conditions” section of each sale. More specifically, we are changing how we define the update policy for each sale.

Up until now, when a sale came with updates, we usually mentioned it like this:

  • Free minor updates
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Free updates for X years

Over the past year, however, many people have mentioned to me how in the software world, “updates” are typically “minor updates” while “upgrades” are what we have been referring to as “lifetime updates”. So, going forward, to avoid confusion we will now modify update policies going forward to read as:

  • Free updates (aka free minor updates)
  • Free lifetime upgrades (aka free lifetime updates)
  • Free updates and upgrades for X years

Accordingly, the title of each sale will now read:

  • XXX with free updates (XX% discount) [for when a sale has free updates]
  • XXX with free upgrades (XX% discount) [for when a sale has free upgrades, lifetime or otherwise]

I know this will take some getting used to to people who have SoS members for a while, but I sincerely feel this is a change for the better. I hope you agree (if not, yell at me).

-Mr. Boss


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