Want to see a specific Windows program sold here on SharewareOnSale? Then let us know! We love to know about what programs our users desire and will try our best to get them. So, if you want a specific program to be sold on SharewareOnSale, write a comment below and let us know!


  1. José Pinheiro

    Dear friends,

    When will you offer us as a gift Iskysoft or Wondershare PDF Editor?
    Thanks for the freebies. I always accompany you.


    J. Nunes

  2. Edward Bricker

    It would be great to get folderMarker.com’s
    Folder Marker Pro
    or even if we can’t get the “Pro” edition,
    the “Home” edition would be a good consolation prize.
    See if you could possibly work that out. That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ossining

    Still use Quicken DOS but my Windows XP can not print reports. Would luv to see DOS2USB or something similar that will let me print reports. Thank you.

  4. Edward Bricker

    1) FileMaRker.net_PRO
    **(NOT Filemaker…. a different program, but Goggle usually bring it up first thinking you’ve made a mistake.**
    2) FolderIco (Teorex):
    Allows you to colorize the FOLDER icon (not the FILE) icon.
    3) FolderMarker_PRO
    (Same company as “FileMarker.net_PRO above, but #2, FolderIco is better, as I discovered when I did a Windows 10 reset, The folders colorized with FolderIco, kept their colors. Everything made with FolderMarker_PRO and FileMarker.net_PRO, returned to their default state. )

  5. By SALİH

    Hello there
    I would like to ask you to present Identity Theft Preventer premium product as a promo.
    Best regards.

  6. Oxa

    How about an RSS feed for your website so interested users don’t have to navigate to your site daily?

  7. I had Zemana AntiLogger on a unit that failed, I lost my backup license, files, etc. I’ve no way f using Zemana without a license and am requesting one be sent or to please offer the title once again. Thank yu for your efforts on this.

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