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This scientific calculator, ad free and with no further in app purchases, offers a comprehensive set of useful features allowing you to carry out advanced calculations. Its simple and intuitive design makes it a pleasure to use. The calculator has all the functions that would be expected of a scientific calculator and a number of advanced features allowing the calculation of complex numbers, vectors, matrices and statistical results. The calculator also includes a graphing function, in equation mode, allowing up to 4 equations to be drawn on the same graph. The graph can be both scrolled and zoomed.

The calculator is customizable allowing you to change the colors of the screen, background and all the individual buttons, allowing you to personalize its appearance.

The Scientific Calculator Pro's features include

• basic mathematics operators addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and powers.

• conversion between decimal and surd answers.

• 7 modes of operation: Calculation, logic, vector, matrix, statistics, complex and equation.

• all valid functions work with complex numbers, in complex mode, including trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions.

• indices and roots.

• logarithms base 2 to 10 and base e (natural logarithm).

• trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and their inverses and reciprocals.

• 26 scientific constants.

• unit conversions.

• factorials, combinations and permutations.

• degrees, minutes, seconds, radians and gradians conversions.

• fractions and percentages key.

• absolute function.

• modulo operator.

• greatest common divisor and least common multiple.

• logic operations and conversion between bases, including choice of two's compliment or unsigned for decimal answers.

• unit vector and scalar and vector products, in vector mode.

• vectors can be enterred and displayed in cartesian, polar, cylindrical or spherical form.

• inverse, transpose, cofactors, determinant and identity matrix, in matrix mode.

• one variable statistics: mean, sum of x, sum of x², standard deviation, sample deviation, n, min, lower quartile, median, upper quartile and max.

• two variable statistics: product moment correlation co-efficient, sum of xy, covariance and linear, quadratic, cubic, exponential, power and natural logarithm regressions.

• complex numbers can be entered and displayed in polar or component form.

• graph, numerical integration and differentiation, root finder and table output, in equation mode.

• previous 10 calculations stored and re-editable.

• last answer key (ANS) and five separate memories each for numbers, vectors, lists, and complex numbers.

• random number generators including normal, poisson, binomial and geometric as well as uniform distributions.

• probability distribution calculator for normal, poisson, binomial, student-t, F, chi-squared, exponential and geometric distributions.

• user definable decimal marker (point or comma).

• choice of division symbol.

• automatic, scientific or engineering output.

• automatic or manual entry for unary minus.

• optional thousands separator. Choose between space or comma / point (depends on decimal marker).

• variable precision up to 15 significant figures.

• scrollable screen allowing arbitrarily long calculations to be entered and edited and allowing results larger than the screen to be viewed.

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