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Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud providers (together with Amazon AWS and Google Cloud) with a global cloud infrastructure for providing public cloud services around the world. If you are looking to become a cloud expert then this training program is designed to help you build the knowledge and experience about the subject of cloud computing while using the Azure cloud platform. In this course, you’ll learn how to monitor and analyze the performance and health of Azure resources and applications as well as Azure platform and services.

  • Access 37 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the different types of telemetry data (metrics & logs) that can be collected
  • Build your own demo system in Azure (using Linux, Apache, MySqL, PHP)
  • Setup alert rules & action groups for creating an automation layer
  • Simulate traffic load on the demo system
  • Monitor the status of Azure platform & services
  • Analyze performance metrics in multiple layers
  • Manage the life cycle of Azure alerts

Cloud computing is one of the biggest technology revolutions in the IT industry spreading at the speed of light all over the world. More and more business companies are looking for ways to migrate their applications into the cloud or to build new web-scale applications from scratch atop a cloud infrastructure. The demand for more skilled people in the area of cloud computing is increasing every day across multiple industries. This course is the first important cornerstone for learning how to migrate applications into the cloud while using the Infrastructure As a Service model inside Microsoft Azure.

  • Access 43 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the building blocks of Azure Infrastructure as a Service
  • Create virtual networks, subnets, allocate private & public IP addressees
  • Plan & deploy windows and Linux virtual machines
  • Configure traffic filtering using security rules
  • Manage & attach virtual disks to VMs
  • Create & manage storage accounts
  • Configure users & access role assignments
  • Operate & monitor VMs ongoing tasks

Cloud Computing is becoming mainstream in the IT world as a growing number of companies around the globe transform their use of cloud-based services. This evolution is leading to revolution as private as well as public cloud services gain huge market momentum and continue to innovate to make the spread of data more seamless. This entry-level course will get you up to speed with the cloud revolution and show you how to get involved.

  • Access 41 lectures & 2 hours of content 24/7
  • Explore the evolution of cloud technology
  • Discover the Five Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Discuss different cloud service models
  • Learn about different cloud deployment models

Cloud computing is a shared platform where users can borrow storage, processing power and other services on demand, without having to physically add more systems to their current network. This drastically reduces the cost and offers better opportunities for companies, most commonly startups. With the huge number of apps and software that are in the market, cloud computing was definitely a needed option to reduce costs and help boost technological advancement. Cloud computing is the future of development and this one course covers a wide variety of cloud technologies and gives you the tools you need to build a career in this lucrative field.

  • Access 69 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Explore cloud engineering techniques
  • Learn about the cloud architecture & different providers
  • Discuss application clients, build tools, design patterns, & programming languages
  • Discover emerging cloud technologies to keep an eye out for

Cloud computing has revolutionized industry and changed the way businesses manage their digital infrastructure. As it relies on a massive sharing of resources across a network, the opportunities and challenges for developers and network administrators are growing rapidly. In this course, you’ll go from cloud computing zero to hero as you use popular cloud technologies like Google Compute Engine, Amazon AWS, and Red Hat to build a holistic understanding. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to cash in on the enormous cloud computing wave.

  • Access 9 lectures & 2 hours of content
  • Learn basic cloud concepts like SAAS, PAAS & IAAS
  • Understand Linux systems & their effects on cloud infrastructure
  • Discover virtualization technologies like virtual hardware platforms, storage devices & more
  • Learn to use popular cloud technologies that businesses value highly

Learn about this popular cloud and infrastructure service provided by Amazon through expert instruction and a series of practical examples. AWS has quickly become the go-to solution for building Web applications in the cloud, and this course is the perfect overview to get you started.

  • Access 15 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Receive an AWS infrastructure overview
  • Study Amazon simple services for messaging & email
  • Learn to use Amazon’s DynamoDB
  • Understand how to use Amazon’s S3 for scalable storage
  • Use EC2 to scale your project
  • Become an AWS system administrator

More companies are heading to the Cloud, which means demand is high for experts versed in this revolutionary technology. The Google Cloud Platform is quickly emerging as one of the premier tools in the industry, and this course will walk you through concepts and elements key to getting certified, particularly for Google’s Cloud Architect track.

  • Access 97 lectures & 11 hours of content 24/7
  • Sharpen your networking knowledge w/ instruction on Virtual Private Clouds, shared VPCs & more
  • Familiarize yourself w/ key elements of Google’s Cloud Architect track
  • Explore security concepts, like identity & access management, identity-aware proxying, API Keys and more

The Google Cloud Platform is not the most popular cloud offering out there (hello AWS!) but it may be the best cloud offering for high-end machine learning applications. That’s because TensorFlow, the extremely popular deep learning technology is also from Google. This comprehensive guide to TensorFlow and the Google Cloud Platform will help put you on certification track to become a Google Data Engineer or Cloud Architect.

  • Access 233 lectures & 28 hours of content 24/7
  • Cover the material you need to pass Google Data Engineer & Cloud Architect certification exams
  • Explore AppEngine, Kubernetes, & Compute Engine
  • Discuss Big Data & Managed Hadoop w/ Dataproc, Dataflow, BigTable, BigQuery, & more
  • Learn what neural networks & deep learning are, how neurons work, & how neural networks are trained
  • Understand DevOps principles like StackDrive logging, monitoring, & cloud deployment management
  • Discover security, networking, & Hadoop foundations

There are plenty of options out there for cloud computing, but the Google Cloud Platform is king for high-end machine learning applications. This course looks at how Google Cloud can be used for machine learning along with TensorFlow and Hadoop, taking you through neural networks, stream processing, and more. Your foray into the world of data engineering starts here.

  • Access 156 lectures & 19 hours of content 24/7
  • Get an in-depth look at storage on the Google Cloud Platform
  • Discover what neural networks are, how neurons work & how neural networks are trained
  • Learn more about stream processing w/ Dataflow & Pub/Sub

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