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Microsoft Azure offers numerous solutions that can shape the future of any business. However, the major challenge that architects and administrators face lies in implementing these solutions. This Implementing Azure Solutions eBook helps you overcome this challenge by enabling you to implement Azure Solutions effectively. As you progress through the chapters, you’ll learn how to work with Azure-managed Kubernetes and Azure Container Services. By the end of the book, you will be able to build robust cloud solutions on Azure.

  • Get access to a 556-page eBook
  • Create and manage a Kubernetes cluster in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Implement site-to-site VPN & ExpressRoute connections in your environment
  • Explore the best practices in building & deploying app services
  • Use Telemetry to monitor your Azure Solutions
  • Design an Azure IoT solution & learn how to operate in different scenarios
  • Implement a Hybrid Azure Design using Azure Stack

The primary objective of this book is to help you to understand various serverless offerings included within Azure Integration Services, taking you through the basics and industry practices and patterns. This book starts by explaining the concepts of services such as Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Service Bus with hands-on examples and use cases. After getting to grips with the basics, you will be introduced to API Management and building B2B solutions using Logic Apps Enterprise Integration Pack.

  • Get access to a 494-page eBook
  • Learn about the design principles of Microsoft Azure Serverless Integration
  • Get insights into Azure Functions, Logic Apps, Azure Event Grid & Service Bus
  • Secure & manage your integration endpoints using Azure API Management
  • Build advanced B2B solutions using Logic Apps, Enterprise Integration Pack
  • Monitor integration solutions using tools available on the market
  • Discover design patterns for hybrid integration

Microsoft provides organizations with an effective way of managing their network with Azure’s networking services. No matter the size of your organization, Azure provides a way to highly reliable performance and secure connectivity with its networking services. This book will cover every aspect and function required to deliver practical recipes to help readers learn from basic cloud networking practices to the planning, implementing, and securing their infrastructure network with Azure.

  • Get access to a 234-page eBook
  • Learn to create Azure networking services
  • Understand how to create & work on hybrid connections
  • Configure &manage Azure network services
  • Learn ways to design high availability network solutions in Azure
  • Discover how to monitor & troubleshoot Azure network resources
  • Learn different methods of connecting local networks to Azure virtual networks

As an IT professional, it is important to keep up with cloud technologies and learn to manage those technologies. PowerShell is a critical tool that must be learned in order to effectively and more easily manage many Azure resources. This book is designed to teach you to leverage PowerShell to enable you to perform many day-to-day tasks in Microsoft Azure. By the end of this book, you will have developed dozens of PowerShell skills that are invaluable in the deployment and management of Azure virtual machines.

  • Get access to a 118-page eBook
  • Manage virtual machines with PowerShell
  • Resize a virtual machine with PowerShell
  • Create OS disk snapshots via PowerShell
  • Deploy new virtual machines from snapshots via PowerShell
  • Provision and attach data disks to a virtual machine via PowerShell
  • Load balance virtual machines
  • Manage virtual machines with custom script extensions

Whether you are trying to re-architect a legacy app or build a cloud-ready app from scratch, using the Azure ecosystem with .NET and Java technologies helps you to strategize and plan your app modernization process effectively. With this eBook, you’ll learn how to modernize your applications by using Azure for containerization, DevOps, microservices, and serverless solutions to reduce development time and costs, while also making your applications robust, secure, and scalable.

  • Get access to a 494-page eBook
  • Use DevOps & containerization technologies to modernize your applications and infrastructure
  • Build microservices using Azure Service Fabric
  • Develop scalable applications using Azure Functions
  • Manage and deploy your application code & database connectivity
  • Secure & monitor your applications in Azure effectively
  • Design for high availability & disaster recovery

Microsoft Azure and its Identity and access management are at the heart of Microsoft’s software as service products, including Office 365, Dynamics CRM, and Enterprise Mobility Management. It is crucial to master Microsoft Azure in order to be able to work with the Microsoft Cloud effectively. This eBook will walk you through the functionality of identity and access management as a service, you will get a full overview of the Microsoft strategy. Understanding identity synchronization will help you to provide a well-managed identity.

  • Get access to a 698-page eBook
  • Apply technical descriptions to your business needs & deployments
  • Manage cloud-only, simple, & complex hybrid environments
  • Apply correct & efficient monitoring and identity protection strategies
  • Design & deploy custom Identity and access management solutions
  • Build a complete identity & access management life cycle
  • Understand authentication & application publishing mechanisms
  • Use & understand the most crucial identity synchronization scenarios
  • Implement a suitable information protection strategy

Azure DevOps is everything you need to build your software product from beginning to end. This course is a complete guide on how to implement DevOps using Microsoft Azure. You’ll learn how to plan your projects with Agile tools, manage your code using Git, and deploy your code through the best CI/CD systems. You’ll be empowered to get full traceability and visibility across all your development activities. By the end of this course, you will learn how you can get Azure on board as a unified DevOps environment.

  • Access 7 lectures & 2.7 hours of content 24/7
  • Develop a fully scalable solution on Azure using PaaS services to easily manage your users’ traffic peaks
  • Design your application’s architecture as cloud-native & asynchronous in nature to allow better cost savings and higher profits
  • Deploy your solution as a Web App, a container, or a fully managed Kubernetes cluster
  • Deploy databases & caching solutions on Azure to save costs and be protected from DDoS and other attacks.
  • Develop customer-centric engagement & retention solutions using best-in-class AI and Machine Learning solutions on Azure
  • Secure your web application w/ Azure AD, an Identity-as-a-Service service, enabling you to authenticate your users & secure their data in the GDPR world.
  • Safely balance your traffic loads across several nodes on the cloud/or off the cloud, so that you can provide the best experience to your users, even during sales

Have you been worrying that your existing web applications aren’t good enough to take advantage of the elasticity of the cloud? Or that refactoring them is going to be very difficult? Azure App Service to the rescue! This course on Azure App Service will offer you the ability to quickly refactor, configure, and deploy your Node.js applications on Azure without breaking a sweat. By the end of this course, you will be confident enough to modernize an existing Node.js web app and deploy it to Azure via App Service.

  • Access 5 lectures & 2.2 hours of content 24/7
  • Simplify your deployment & testing processes w/ CI/CD
  • Explore the flexibility of Azure App Service to configure & scale up your Node.js Web App
  • Prevent performance issues by monitoring & diagnosing your app w/ Azure App Service
  • Perform necessary tests on your refactored Node.js app & deploy it to Azure
  • Improve deployment speed by introducing environmental variables
  • Scale your application & maintain high availability to meet your customer’s growing demands
  • Set up & secure a cloud MySQL Database for your web app
  • Manage & schedule your server tasks in the background with Azure

Microsoft Azure provides various services to enable Platform as a Service-based cloud development, allowing you to deliver both simple cloud-based applications and sophisticated and heavy-duty cloud-based enterprise services. This video tutorial will provide you with the necessary know-how to leverage Azure services to build your own PaaS cloud. You’ll start by exploring Azure App Services, and learn to work with supported application types based on different parameters such as languages and functions.

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  • Access 3 lectures & 6.3 hours of content 24/7
  • Deliver high-bandwidth content w/ Azure CDN & Akamai
  • Load-test your applications w/ Azure Portal & VSTS
  • Manage & scale multiple databases with Azure SQL Elastic
  • Develop databases w/ Azure Table Storage
  • Leverage Azure Redis Cache as a Service for high throughput & low latency
  • Discover & consume enterprise data assets with Azure Data Catalog

Always wanted to use AI, but it seems too hard? Not anymore! With Azure Cognitive Services, you can make your applications smarter—the easy way. In this course, you will be introduced to Azure Cognitive Services. With this, Microsoft offers you a lot of the power that AI has to offer, but it’s made available to you by a set of simple-to-use REST APIs. Because it is so easy to implement, you can start working with it today and make your applications smarter with AI—the easy way.

  • Access 7 lectures & 4.3 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn all about Cognitive Services & what they can do for you
  • Set up Cognitive Services on your own Azure account
  • Leverage the power of AI through a set of simple REST APIs
  • Use computer vision to detect objects and text in images, implement speech-to-text conversion, leverage the power of Bing to retrieve useful search results, & much more
  • Incorporate everything you’ve learned into a variety of applications

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