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    Have something to say about Black Bird Image Optimizer PRO? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Black Bird Image Optimizer PRO, post it here! If you know of issues with Black Bird Image Optimizer PRO, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Hi everybody,
    It’s a great , great software.
    I already have this software, in the same version (shame! I would have appreciated an upgrade …), I highly recommend this product.

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    Bruno Endrizzi

    [@Anonymous] Installato software e attivato però non è la versione PRO per ottenere PRO si deve pagare ed allora disinstallata. Bruno

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    Phil Harding

    The offer says this is the PRO version of this software, but when I downloaded and installed it, is was not the PRO vision. The first thing it asked was whether I wanted to pay $24.95 to upgrade to the PRO version. If they’re untruthful about this, what else are they not telling us.

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    I have no problem reducing images with windows paint, no loss in quality that I’ve ever noticed and it’s a very simple process.. The batch option is about the only thing that would entice me but as I never do batches it would do me little good. Now if an image enlarger that would keep it’s quality were to be offered then I would jump on it but a reducer only? I’ll pass this time and stick with paint. I do however appreciate SOS and all the free and reduced opportunities.. Thanks guys.

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    No problem here to register the program and I got the pro version (i followed the instructions).
    Thank you !

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    Stan Friedman

    I tried to download the program twice and my software detected a trojan both times.

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    [@Stan Friedman]

    I have just run the setup file through VirusTotal scan. And the file gets a clean bill of health.

    So, I am going to install this giveaway.

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    first i am grateful to SOS for all the normally great software.

    however this is not great, with all due respect it’s horrible.

    There are so many similar programs that do the job locally rather than uploading??????? Why would we need to risk damaging our photo’s to save a few megabytes, drive space is beyond cheap. We can upload our photo’s to google with no loss for nothing. i will pass on the Constant hey by this from us. no thanks.

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    [@Phil Harding]

    After having it activated, mine shows as a Pro version with no free upgrades, which is rather a usual limitation with Pro versions.

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    I have tried this program and found it does what it is expected to do but i also expect it to clean up afterwards by giving me an option of deleting or otherwise removing the files it has converted from and that it not the case, thus in batch mode you have a lot of work to do with plenty of room for error deleting the wrong files by hand ,this should be a given option in the following version .

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    Not work “Black Bird Image Optimizer PRO” (but it is installed) in “WindowsXP”.

    In description it is said that it should work in “WindowsXP”.

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    1 tane test ettim. 3 katı küçülttü, güzel.

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    I have always used the link to see the publishers’ website of any program. Today’s link, I keep getting a “404” error; page not found. Did a little research and I noticed that the “s” is missing from the https address this is the correct :link

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    link That is the correct link for publisher’s website for this give away.

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