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    No issues with mail here also. Used google.

    App is great installed without problems… only I wish to change theme color. Thank you badosoft and shos

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    Dennis L. James

    I used 3 different emails, not ONE had the serial #….. It DOES NOT send to emails!!!…

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    [@Dennis L. James]

    Dear Dennis L. James,

    DOES IT NOT send the emails or the emails are not containing ONE serial?

    Are you receiving blank emails?

    Please check your SPAM, JUNK FOLDERS!

    You can open a ticket at our website support section and we will try to assist you.

    Please note that this GIVEAWAY of a FULL version for FREE DOES NOT include support, but we are trying so far to assist every support request!

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    [ @Ashraf]

    Installation fails because provided serial# not valid.
    Help please?

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    Installation fails because provided serial# not valid.
    Help please?

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    Dear Chris,

    the problem you experience with the installation process could be caused by your firewall and/or your virus scanner. Most of the Badosoft products need a active internet connection to get installed successfully.

    Please take a look at our knowledegebase by using the search(Firewall) where you can find a solution for this problem!

    If you receive an error message after pasting the serial number in the installer form, then the activation processed is blocked from your end (Computer, Operating System, router, modem or Internet connection):

    a.) We do use an activation server to activate the Software online, we suggest temporary disabling your Firewall and/or antivirus scanner or similar security applications during the activation process, as this applications can block the activation process by some users. Please read the manual of your Firewall, antivirus-scanner or other security application how to make an exception or 100% temporary disable the application so that no processes or hidden processes are in use!

    b.) In few cases Internet Service Providers do disable the ICMP service in the router or modem. This is against the standard and can lead that your Computer cannot be activated by our activation server. Please read the manual of your router and/or modem or contact your Internet service provider to assist you to enable the ICMP service!

    c.) If you or some 3rd party Software application has disabled the ICMP service process of Windows (not the ICMP service of your router or modem) , please enable it or ask your System Administrator to assist you!

    d.) Please ensure that you are connected to the Internet while downloading the Software!

    If the following does not resolve your issue open a ticket at our website and provide screenshot it would help a lot.

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    Richard Traylor

    Also found out if one does not use a Microsoft email account they will immediately get code.
    Use a Gmail account like I did.

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    Peter Blaise

    TL;DR: Bottom line,
    – this has some manual tools that are freely available elsewhere,
    – and this does have some basic automation, if at all, of minor fixable fixes.

    = = = = = = = = = =

    Long version:

    Ah, attitude.

    At least this one is funny.

    — Imagine an internet connectivity fixer that
    depends on your internet connection to be working
    in order for the internet connectivity fixer to fix
    … what? To fix what is working?

    — If my Internet already connects, why would I need
    this software to fix it, when it ain’t broken?

    — And if my Internet connection WERE broken, then how
    would this software fix it, if this software depends on
    my Internet connection to not be broken in order for
    this software to fix it?

    – – – – – – – – – –


    Imagine a connectivity fixer that gives up trying to fix
    an inability to connect through, of all companies, Microsoft!

    “… What? Microsoft? Oh no, I can’t work in THAT
    environment. It’s too hard. Can we try something easier?


    Fixing a connectivity problem through Microsoft email is
    too hard for Connectivity Fixer Pro to handle?

    This feels like a high-school entrepreneur advisor project,
    … WWAHS what would a high-schooler say?

    “… Hey, Connectivity Fixer, try fixing your email
    send-out servers to NOT be on the bad side of Microsoft,
    ya know, fix yer own connectivity first!

    Try that.

    Also, try considering GOODWILL by not insulting the audience
    where you are giving a presentation, and instead say,
    “sorry, we’ll fix that, immediately”.

    Ashraf has created a terrific platform for vendors to get
    exposure and feedback here at SOS Software On Sale.

    Please do not come here to scold folks and defend your failures
    as if we’re doing something wrong by pointing them out.

    Please play nice, be respectful, say thank you to folks who have
    other and better things to do than give you free feedback
    in exchange for free software, we’re sort of like beta testers
    who help you polish your offering for your greatest success.

    For your greatest success.


    Let’s try to install it:

    [ 1 ] The installation window is black text on dark
    blue background, there is not enough contrast to
    identify what is going on … oh, wait a minute, there’s
    a [ Proceed ] button …
    RECOMMENDATION: use readable-contrast, resizable presentations.

    [ 2 ] It can’t figure out how I connect to the Internet,
    it asks ME to manually find and type in a proxy … hmm,
    not looking very smart there, Connectivity Fixer, can’t
    you analyze my system and figure this out? …
    RECOMMENDATION: perform a system analysis IMMEDIATELY and
    tell us what you found in our computer right up front,
    show us how smart you are, do not sit there like a petulant
    child and whine “prove you are worthy of my talents first”,
    this is MARKETING 101.

    [ 3 ] It hangs on the “checking for promotion availability”
    screen, never moving forward, saying the promotion is active,
    but moving it’s thermometer bar constantly as if it’s
    hunting, hunting, hunting, never really finding the will to
    move forward, never finding the will to live … oh, there’s
    that black text on dark blue background again, there is not
    enough contrast to identify what is going on … oh, wait a
    minute, there’s a [ Proceed ] button … maybe it wants ME
    to take the next step, so … no, the program installation
    does not moving forward on it’s own after checking the
    availability of the offer … got it … it’s up to me …
    RECOMMENDATION: move forward on your own to install, do not
    sit there at a dumb screen that has no value for me, where
    there is nothing for me to do, not even any entertaining
    sales pitch.

    [ 4 ] Moving on, it asks for an email address, then offers
    to not store the email address … meaning the email
    address is really not meaningful to connectivity fixer,
    or what? Why send a round of emails to prove I’m a real
    person if you are promising not to store it, why check
    that I am not only a real person, like Captcha does, but
    that I am a specific real person with a specific email
    address? … waiting … waiting … hey, I used the same
    email address I used 7 years ago when I bought and paid
    for Connectivity Fixer Pro … nope, nothing … hey, and
    it’s an email address that I pay for … nope, nothing arrives
    … the installation screen INSTANTLY accepted my email
    address and offered a stripwindow for me to insert a
    serial number from an email, but no INSTANT send out of
    an email with that serial number … is Connectivity Fixer
    having problems connecting with an EXISTING CUSTOMER’S
    EMAIL? Click [ Back ] and try another email … again
    instant acceptance, but no instant send out … waiting,
    waiting … oh, there it arrives … so Connectivity Fixer
    Pro cannot “find” my existing paid-for prior customer
    email because … ? …
    RECOMMENDATION: hey, Connectivity Fixer Pro, why not,
    ya know, fix your inability to connect?
    PS – Yes, it stores our email address, just try to
    re-register with the same email address, and, viola,
    it KNOWS this email has been used before, and how does
    it know, because t STORES the email address, even if we
    check [ do not store ].

    [ 5 ] Okay insert the serial number, it proceeds, then
    offers yet another low contrast screen, see prior recommendation.

    [ 6 ] Click [ Yes ] and the screen moves on …
    RECOMMENDATION: oy, try also automatically moving on during
    installation above, you can do it, you can!

    [ 7 ] It sits at a screen saying
    – do I want to MANUALLY fix my connection now
    … bbuutt it’s not broken I don’t think,
    – NOT monitoring
    … bbuut what is the Connectivity Fixer Pro program doing then?

    Why would I want to MANUALLY repair a connection that
    is not broken, and yet I have a supposedly Professional
    Fixer program on screen – manually? manually? what is
    this “manually?

    I could go on – low contrast screens, difficulty setting
    minimize instead of exit, help being web hel, not local,
    no automatic reconnections of the Internet even though
    monitoring claims it is on, and so on, just nto a lot of
    success, no feeling of control, no feeling of responsiveness
    from the program, no reporting, no smarts
    … nothing new in 7 years.

    I’m beginning to think that Connectivity Fixer Pro is
    ONLY to be used when we cannot connect, even though we
    must be connected for Connectivity Fixer Pro to work.

    So … what does this program actually do?

    You lost me.

    You lost me at the dialog here at SOS up to this point.

    You lost me from the first installation screen,
    through 7 steps of confusion.

    You lost me at the end when the program FINALLY appears
    on screen … and seems totally lost itself.

    = = = = = = = = = =

    Seriously, I click on whatever and get nothing useful,
    no information, like [ Your IP Address: n/a ], seriously,
    it can not find my IP address … even though I’m
    on the Internet … there’a a [ Switch to wired ] button that
    is a placebo, does nothing … I notice it does not
    highlight the “tab” I’m on, so I have no idea if I am
    looking at the [ Home ] screen or [ Advanced ] screen or
    [ Net Info ] screen or what … but essentially it does
    not matter because the program is not doing anything, not
    offering to do anything, and not telling me anything,
    certainly not anything I can’t find out by other means,
    such as my IP address … it offers to use “alternative
    checking methods” to check my Internet connection, but
    not automatically, not intelligently, on it’s own?
    Should I be trying various alternatives to get this
    program to do something, to do anything?
    … I tried to manually fix my working connection, and
    it brings me to a dead-end screen, no report, nothing
    to click on, nada, zilch … one entertaining thing,
    though, is reading the low contrast fine print, I thought
    it said “… you can continue suffering the Internet …”,
    a closer second look resolved “surfing” …

    In the passing 7 years since I bought and used
    Connectivity Fixer Pro, the computer universe has exploded
    … and yet Connectivity Fixer Pro has stood still
    timeless, not evolving as far as I can see.

    There are other program that check for appropriate hardware
    and software drivers, and downloads and updates them,
    … there are programs that scan and sniff LANs and WiFis and WANs,
    … there are programs that clean registry entries, align
    and tweak Internet settings, remove and reinstall entire
    networking subsystems,
    … there are programs that reset our router periodically, or on demand,
    … there are great tips, tricks and tutorials on the web,
    freely shared, for identifying and rebuilding failing networking connections,
    … there are even tools for pinging cables to identify cable
    problems, even how far down a cable there is a break or short.

    And in the past 7 years, Connectivity Fixer Pro has learned
    … none of that.

    IF you are lucky to have a problem that Connectivity Fixer Pro
    solves, and keeps solved,
    … THEN it might be worth it for you

    – this has some manual tools that are freely available elsewhere,
    – and this does have some basic automation, if at all, of minor fixable fixes.

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    [@Peter Blaise]

    Awesome!!! Thank you for your effort, long and honest feedback.

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    I was able to apply for and receive the meail, in my gmail account (although, the email was in my spam folder.) Registration with the key was fine. One note, on the page that says verifying, look closely, as there is a check mark that I took to mean that it was already verified, even though the status bar continued to move. I went ahead and finished and everything was fine.

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    Any “connectivity” software that requires a functioning connection to install their software is doomed to fail.

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    Dear Rich,

    Thank you for your feedback!


    Dear AussiePete,

    Connectivity Fixer is a Internet connection monitoring utility, which will repair any connection issues while you are away from your computer! You wont even notice anything :) Then you can come say here after 7 years that it does nothing!

    Yes Connectivity Fixer can also be installed offline, when required.

    For current purpose of giveaway, internet connection for activation purpose is required since it is given away for FREE.

    You can read more about Connectivity Fixer at our website.

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    Stephen Bennett

    Virus Total: TrojWare.Win32.Spy.Agent.DC@8t02b3
    Malwarebytes: 0 detection
    Norton 360: 0 detection

    As this installation alters internet connectivity settings, Virus Total is likely a false positive and considering Malwarebytes and Norton report the files as clean.

    It’s your call, though.

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    John Amrein

    The install just runs, runs & runs. No final install. Good program & want the Pro. What is the Problem?

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    There is definitely a problem with your server. I tried multiple email addresses and still no serial number.
    I checked the other buckets and they were empty as well.

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