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    David Criss

    [@Peter Blaise] Peter, I absolutely loved your detailed analysis of this software, and I personally found your lengthy comments to be very helpful, honest, and also very entertaining. I was also part of the GiveawayOfTheDay.com era back when it actually had good and useful software giveaways, and I can personally attest and confirm that you, Ashraf, and many others were active participants in reviewing, testing, and commenting on the software. You are definitely not “…a troll or some sponsored guy” like Christian falsely claims that you are, but you and other attentive and experienced people obviously already know that.

    I’m noticing over the years that there is less of a need, and possibly less of a desire, gor me to take advantage of endless free software giveaways, especially once our computers are setup and running just the way we need them to be, but I do occassionally check out some of the giveaways that sound interesting, or some like this software that I don’t know what they do. I then try to quickly understand more about the software and then I look for comments like yours, which I find to be very helpful. I guess I still tend to do what people used to do with the GiveawayOfTheDay.com offerings.

    Basically, I just wanted to thank you and to provide my support for your comments today and the other times when I don’t comment at all.

    Regarding this specific software giveaway, I agree with everything that you and several others said, and although I appreciate Ashraf and Badosoft giving it away, I am staying far away from this software and company until I see more positive and verifiable evidence that the software is doing what it claims.

    Thank you and take care!

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    Stephen Bennett

    [@Bob] I agree that the theme, the GUI, needs change. I don’t think mentioning so is merely subjective. It’s unsightly, small text. Please, at least offer an alternative theme.

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    Connectivity Fixer is a Internet connection monitoring utility, which will repair any connection issues while you are away from your computer! You wont even notice anything :) Then you can come say here after 7 years that it does nothing!

    Let’s see what can I tell about this…

    1- “CFP will repair any connection issues while you are away from computer”. Oh. Are you joking ? Actually, when I’m going away from my computer, it is switched off…
    That means : if connection issue happens when it’s turned off, I can’t know it has connectivity problem. So I don’t care, and in that case, CFP is useless.

    2- “You won’t even notice anything”. Oh. Really ? So, noticing nothing going wrong means there was a problem, or maybe there was NO problem at all.

    Anyway, thank you very much, you made me laughing hard. Funny company. Bwaahahahaha

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    Peter Blaise

    TL;DR: see my work-arounds near the end *.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    In response to [@David Criss] who knows that no one here is “a troll or some sponsored guy”, is grateful for us folks sharing our experiences, and yet is slowly backing off from trying out endless daily freebies in consideration of having a generally functional computer that does not appear to need new toys all the time ( my paraphrase ).

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    I concur.

    However, I do this for a living, and have for years and for hundreds of users, so I am highly motivated to know as much as possible about what is “out there” that may be of benefit.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Here’s what I have found so far:
    – Badosoft Connectivity Fixer Pro has value, I’ll explain below,
    – however, and it’s cloaked, it does not reveal specifically what it is doing, or how,
    – and it is a challenge to get the benefits of the features,
    – without getting the deficits of the program’s misbehaviors.

    Badosoft Connectivity Fixer Pro has value:
    – some PC internet connections settings get fixed / tweaked, and stay that way,
    – until something changes,
    – then this program, watching, can fix / tweak again.

    Badosoft Connectivity Fixer Pro has problems:
    – after reboot, it fails, no matter how we set it:
    – – there is no auto load of the user interface or system tray icon after reboot,
    – – there is no monitoring of our internet connection after reboot,
    – – there is no display of notifications after reboot,
    – worse:
    – – it loads twice into memory after reboot,
    – – both copies are passive and have no raisable windows to control them,
    – – if we then manually click on the icon, we get a third independent unrelated program instance in memory,
    – – if we manually click on the icon again, we get a fourth independent unrelated program instance,
    – – and so on, clicking again and again until memory if full of unrelated instances of the Badosoft Connectivity Fixer Pro program,
    – – there is no way to tell if any of these instances is the boss or is working,
    – Badosoft does not address some Internet connectivity issues, specifically:
    – – improper functioning hardware or 3rd Party Software,
    – – bad / weak lines or signals,
    – – ISP based issues,
    – – incorrectly configured Online Services like Games, Websites or Applications,
    – – quote “There is no guarantee that Connectivity Fixer will repair your internet connection!”

    Pro is different from Free:
    – the Pro version,
    – – hides what it does,
    – – seems to make permanent changes / fixes / tweaks,
    – – seems to use proprietary internal processes,
    – – has Advanced manual fixes,
    – the Free version,
    – – reveals to Task Managers and sniffers some of what it does,
    – – appears to use standard Windows tools like ipconfig /release /renew, and netsh,
    – – seems to not make permanent changes, so it must run all the time or on demand to get the benefits of it’s features and fixes,
    – – has no manual fixes.

    None of this is new:
    – a I noted, this is the exact same behavior as in prior versions,
    – as far back as 8 years in my experience,
    – the language pack is unchanged for 9 years, so there’s been no features added to the user interface,
    – while competitive software offerings have advanced significantly, especially,
    – – other programs that inspect and offer to update internet interface drivers, and other related drivers and software,
    – – other programs that search for and qualify DNS providers for speed, quality, and security,
    – – other programs that offer analysis reports and miscible, manual, fine-tuning controls to the user,
    – this is v2.2.0.31 versus their web site offering v2.3
    – – I’m guessing that this custom build for SOS broke something:
    – – it can be loaded with command line options of -m -minimized or -h -hidden,
    – – I’m guessing that -h – hidden is called instead of -m -minimized when we reboot,
    – – in spite of -m -minimized on the stored, auto run and task scheduler command line,
    – – I’m guessing the awareness of “Another instance of Connectivity Fixer is already running at your system” is also broken,
    – – hence the multiple blind loads, unaware of each other,
    – some issues from 2011 are marked “we’re working on this” … for 9 years now.

    Badosoft Connectivity Fixer Pro seems to ignore and not care about internet settings changes made by system tweakers, such as Kerish Doctor, IOBit Advanced System Care, and so on.

    These are the mysterious messages we might get in the Logs, no further explanation:
    – Error by resetting your network hardware.
    – Connectivity Fixer PRO couldn’t reset your network hardware!
    – Your network hardware couldn’t run!
    – Couldn’t start your network hardware!
    – Couldn’t clear your Internet Service Provider database!
    – Error running the Internet Service Provider database cleaning tool!
    – Internet Protocol couldn’t be reset!
    – Internet Protocol cleaner couldn’t start!
    – Program error!
    – Some fixes couldn’t be processed!
    – Critical error!
    – Multiple errors cause Connectivity Fixer PRO to stop working!
    – Connection lost!
    – Connection unstable!
    – Connection interference!
    – Connectivity Fixer PRO has detected a slight interferences with your Internet connection!
    – Connection state improved
    – Internet connection state has stabilized and improved.
    – Successfully fixed your internet connection!
    and my favorites:
    – Connectivity Fixer PRO has detected a problem with your Internet connection!
    – Problem fixed!

    These remind me of Magic 8 Ball messages:
    – As I see it, yes.
    – Ask again later.
    – Better not tell you now.
    – Cannot predict now.
    – Concentrate and ask again.
    – Don’t count on it.
    – It is certain.
    – It is decidedly so.
    – Most likely.
    – My reply is no.
    – My sources say no.
    – Outlook not so good.
    – Outlook good.
    – Reply hazy, try again.
    – Signs point to yes.
    – Very doubtful.
    – Without a doubt.
    – Yes.
    – Yes – definitely.
    – You may rely on it.

    = = = = = = = = = = =

    * Badosoft Connectivity Fixer Pro work-arounds:
    – first, cause the program to appear:
    – – by double clicking on the program icon
    – – and or by dragging a copy of the program icon to the Start >> Programs >> Startup directory for autoload, and reboot,
    – do not select in Settings >> Start with Windows, not, not, not,
    – do select in Settings >> Fix problems automatically
    – do select in Settings >> Display notification ( otherwise, how do we know it’s working ? )
    – do select in Home >> Monitoring Enabled
    – then, to get it off our screen, either:
    – – tap [ Windows ][ D ] ( Desktop ) to minimize everything, then open only the program windows we want, leaving Badosoft Connectivity Fixer Pro minimized,
    – – or, click the [ x ] in the upper right, then do select Minimize,
    – if the program closes and there is no tray icon, then:
    – – first, open Task Manager and kill any Connectivity Fixer Pro.exe [32] instances,
    – – then start doing the items in this list again from the top, until the system tray icon stays when the program is minimized.

    Yes, this means that Badosoft Connectivity Fixer Pro only works by manually causing th eprogram to load, and manually turing on the features we want, every time, after every reboot.

    Do inspect the Logs to see if it does anything, especially after the first day.

    Also, the manual features in Advanced are useful, but:
    – first, power off and reboot our computer, our router, and any network switches,
    – and power-cycle everything again between each Advanced manual fix,
    – make Windows restore points between each Advanced manual fix,
    – make only one Advanced manual fix at a time just to give ourselves the most recovery possible,
    – because Badosoft Connectivity Fixer Pro has no undo,
    – and it does not tell us exactly what it does or how it does it,
    – so rebooting and restoring a prior restore point is the only way to undo if an Advanced manual fix displeases us.
    – ( perhap someone can watch the Windows registry database to see what get’s changed, and tell us all ).

    – – – – – – – – – –

    What would make me happier here?

    If Badosoft gave us a new, updated, patched Connectivity Fixer Pro v2.4-or-later, beyond their current web-available v2.3 ) with all the problems fixed, thanks for working with us as your beta testers, Badosoft.

    Note: from my prior satisfied experience, I also recommend checking out Badosoft Latency Optimizer, Free and Pro versions … but I have no equivalent diagnostic analysis of them, and they are essentially equally as old as, and some features may be older than, Connectivity Fixer.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Please, folks,
    – play with this stuff,
    – check how it really works for you,
    – check if you have equivalent experiences to mine,
    – or better, or worse,
    – and tell us all about it.


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    I have now uninstalled because it start itself all few minutes. After installion I have run it one time and than I have deacitable the autostart. So I say it is malourious!

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