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    Have something to say about Do Your Data Recovery Pro? Say it here!

    If you know of better software than Do Your Data Recovery Pro, post it here! If you know of issues with Do Your Data Recovery Pro, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    i looking arround for this program thank you :)

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    I could not find where to download this or the Burning Studio which I really wanted.
    Is this a gimmick?

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    The word activations is used for advertising the enterprise version (“Unlimited activations data recovery”). Does that mean this Pro version has a limit to the number of times it can be activated/installed?

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    installed ran and surprise at the speed and some items that it found. Yes, indeed very nice
    DataRecovery is great. Thanks much

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    Why odes my antivirus does not let me install this software?

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    thank you

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    Upon registering the program tells me it’s a “trial version” and that for full recovery of files, I must purchase a “full version.” In my mind, PRO VERSION meant something else. Sorry, I don’t see the purpose of trying to recover a file, preview it and having to buy a full version for it. I’ll keep using the Hetman. Thanks anyway.

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    Thanks Ashraf for another useful giveaway. BTW, I wonder how it compares to EaseUS- or iCare Data Recovery Pro?
    Best regards

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    Hello, I get Error 5 while trying to install and my antivirus does reject it? anyone knows why?

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    [@Van] This is not a gimick. It is a legitimate offer. What issue are you having? Go to each page and click the “Download It Now” button.

    [@private] As long as you stick to 1-computer (Enterprise unlimited activations means multiple computers), you should be able to install / reinstall Pro as you want (not the giveaway version, though, you need to install that before the giveaway ends

    [@Pedro] Sounds like your AV thinks it is a virus. I believe this is clean, but don’t download it if you feel uncomfortable.

    [@Rigibert] You need to register it with the license key we gave you to turn the “TRIAL” into “PRO”

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    W .MP

    Hi Ashraf?

    there is not possibility for me to have a LICENCE. I must go to the http://www.wondershare.net/ad/data-recovery/?gclid=CL24h-askckCFUPnwgodmjUHKw and

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    [@W .MP] Go to http://sharewareonsale.com/s/do-your-data-recovery-professional-giveaway-coupon-sale and click the “Download It Now: Do Your Data Recovery Professional” button.

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    Hi Ashraf!

    It’s OK! I succeeded them receiving LICENSE. Then, all it was easy successfully to INSTAL them! Thx!

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    [@W.MP] Welcome!

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