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    Have something to say about Photo Pos Pro PREMIUM VERSION? Say it here!

    Have suggestions, comments, or need help? Post it here! If you know of better software than Photo Pos Pro PREMIUM VERSION, post it here! If you know of issues with Photo Pos Pro PREMIUM VERSION, post it here! Share your knowledge with all of us. :-)

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    Thank you Ashraf and PowerOfSoftware LTD!

    I wanted to ask, does this software support the use of Adobe Photoshop .8bf and .64bf plugins?

    Thanks again!

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    Hi, Ashraf! I’m trying to register (you wrote: “go to HELP -> PREMIUM VERSION”), but every time I press “help” it opens an internet page of online help, and I don’t see any “premium version” on the page. So how do I register?

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    Bill B

    I do not get Premium Version when I click on help. I see Tip of the Day, Users guide,Tutorials, What’s new, Support Information, Website and About Photo Pos Pro. When I hit about it says Photo Pos Pro Premium (Trial Version)

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    Wanda Clow

    I cannot seem to register the program. When I click help there is no premium version listed. So How does one register it.

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    Same as previous posts,its running trial version with no option to enter code.

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    You have to start with PRO INTERFACE (not novice) to register. then HELP -> PREMIUM VERSION

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    It also requires a ‘registration ID’

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    @Mathplatz – sounded great, I tried it. But even when I opened in “Pro Interface”, opening “help” did not reveal an option for Premium Version registration.

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    [@david] I wanted to ask if you are using a Mac or a PC?
    First off, I have nothing to do with this company at all. I give it a try, I am using Windows 10 64 Bit PC, I installed it and activated it without any problem.

    On Windows, selects “Help, then select PREMIUM VERSION” or something like that, and enter your license number. At least that is how it worked for me. You are a user who I see reply frequently here, some of your replies are very useful so I thought I would offer hopefully some help to your situation.

    You would think that the registration process would be simple for any software that is being put out there FOR SALE but it is not.


    I give this software a try, and while it has some nice options, there is NOTHING that it can do that I can’t to with the free PAINT.NET. If you add the PSFilterPDN to Paint.net you can use Adobe .8bf & .64bf Plugins to use with Paint.net, meaning the free NIKCOLLECTION will work, so long as you define it to the “EFFECTS” directory for Paint.net on install.

    Either way, I am not that impressed with this software, I don’t like it for various reasons.

    1st : “Magic this or that? are you FRUCKING KIDDING ME?”, MAGIC? That’s what children are interest in, not serious capable adults.

    2nd : “You give the impression that you are along the same line with PHOTOSHOP by ADOBE, but yet you fail to make a comparison, and most of all YOU FAIL TO MENTION THAT YOU DO NOT SUPPORT EXTERNAL PLUGINS LIKE .8bf .64bf, I KNOW BECAUSE I TRIED!”. You’ve changed your language around since the last couple times you offered this software where it concerns replacing Adobe Photoshop.

    My biggest complaints, and they are of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO ME : LOOK :

    1st off : It must support external plugins using .8bf and or .64bf, because believe it or not a lot of people like me have purchased software that we require that uses those.

    2nd : The Magic idea is really stupid, PAINT.NET’S LASSO tool is much better, and there should be a LASSO TOOL rather than have you confined to MAGIC BS. Yeah I know you can use the MAGIC BS ERASER crap, but none of that works good.

    What I am getting at, STRAIGHT TO THE DEVELOPER : You can be a STUCK YOUR HEAD UP YOUR BUTT developer or you can listen to my suggestions. IMPORTANT SO LOOK::: But I doubt with the masses out there you ever see this.

    TO THE DEVELOPER : “Add the LASSO and MAGNETIC TOOL in the manner of the OPEN SOURCE Paint.net” There is not option for that, and also ADD .8bf & .64bf Support!

    Just my opinions. I have more, but the fact that you are constricted to using the developers software without support for externals supported plugins like .8bf and such leave me with the feeling that WHILE YOU MAY PURCHASE A PRO LICENSE “Which does not function as good as free offerings as of now with the lasso feature”, I believe this software will suck you in and leave you with the ONLY OPTION to do what you may need in the future is TO BUY THEIR NEXT ADDITION. It’s a SELLING SOFTWARE! Not A ALL IN ONE! Sad that the people who make software are so greedy!!!!!!!!!!! SHAME ON THEM FOR SUCH THINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRICKS AND LIES!!!!!!!


    AND OF COURSE :::::::::::: “MY OPINION!!!!!!!”…………..

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    Robert George

    After two attempts to install I still ended up with nothing more than a splash screen of a half girl/half tiger with no way to register or proceed. Un-Installed. It’s junk.

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    It won’t load on Windows 10×64 1803! And don’t wast your time trying to install the 32 bit version. It’s all the same.

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    Oray Tuglan

    This program’s Photo Pos Pro Premium Version is valid only 21 days , NOT 1 YEAR…

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    @bob – Thanks for sharing your opinion! And thanks for your suggestion, it’s what I tried earlier. I, like you, am using a Windows 10 64 Bit PC. But even on my third attempt, I couldn’t get “Premium Version” in “help”, and couldn’t find anywhere to enter the registration number. On the other hand, it seems as if it’s been preregistered. Under “add or remove buttons”, “premium version” is checked, and, unlike Oray Tuglen, I don’t see any time limit on the program (although maybe I don’t know where to look). So I’ll give it a try as is, and see what develops. Thanks, again, BOB.

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    Hi Ashraf
    same problems as Others have
    I do not get Premium Version when I click on help. I see Tip of the Day, Users guide,Tutorials, What’s new, Support Information, Website and About Photo Pos Pro. When I hit about it says Photo Pos Pro Premium (Trial Version)

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