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ESP32 is a low-cost, low-power system chip microcontroller that integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, many GPIOs, analog input and output capabilities, many device interconnection protocols, and a fast dual-core processor. It goes hand in hand with Arduino Uno for turbo-charged IoT projects. However, ESP32 is not a plug-in replacement for Arduino. While it shares much of the Arduino’s programming and GPIO interface, you still need to learn the basics before you can deploy it. With 68 lectures, this course will primarily aim to help you get started with the basics of ESP32, its modules, and essential processes.

  • Access 68 lectures & 9.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand what ESP32 is
  • Know the various modules & how these modules are available in the form of development kits
  • Compare & contrast ESP32 and Arduino
  • Use your Arduino knowledge to make things based on ESP32
  • Use the ESP32 GPIOs to work w/ simple components like LEDs & buttons as well as drive peripherals like displays, sensors, and motors
  • Set up the familiar Arduino IDE to write programs for the ESP32

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

With more than 16 hours of video-led content, this course will cover all the basics so that you can enjoy learning about the Arduino. This beginner-level class guides you to have a good understanding of the capabilities of the Arduino Uno, the best Arduino for people getting started, and you will be familiar with the capabilities of several of its cousins. You’ll also be able to use a variety of components, from simple buttons and LEDs to visible color and ultraviolet light, and other environmental sensors.

  • Access 128 lectures & 16.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand what Arduino programming is, it’s basic concepts, structures, & keywords
  • Build simple circuits around the Arduino Uno, that implement simple functions
  • Write simple Arduino sketches that can get sensor reading, make LEDs blink, write text on an LCD screen, read the position of a potentiometer, & much more
  • Detect & measure visible light, color, and ultraviolet light

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

The Arduino Step-by-Step: Getting Serious is perfect for Arduino makers that wish to improve their skills and knowledge, teachers who want extensive Arduino resources for their classroom, and Maker space coordinators who need an online resource for their members. If you have the basics right, this course will help you extend your knowledge of Arduino components and techniques and build up new skills.

  • Access 281 lectures & 34 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn about advanced environment, motion, position & GPS sensors
  • Know new ways to receive input from the user w/ keypads, potentiometers, & encoder
  • Create motion w/ various kinds of motors & controllers
  • Multiply your Arduino’s ability to control external devices w/ shift registers & port expanders

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

The ESP32 is a powerful, low-cost microcontroller. It has features that make it an ideal choice for Internet of Things applications. It comes as a development kit, which makes it easy to connect it to a computer for programming, it provides powering options, and exposes its GPIOs so that we can connect peripherals. Working with the ESP32 development kit is a real pleasure for makers. In this course, you will be using your learned knowledge from the ESP32 for Busy People course into practice to make a real, useful, working IoT gadget. A project like this can stretch your hungry mind and fill it with new delicious knowledge.

  • Access 101 lectures & 9.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Use the ESP32 GPIOs to work w/ simple components like LEDs & buttons
  • Generate external & internal time interrupts
  • Set up the familiar Arduino IDE so that you can write programs for the ESP3
  • Communicate w/ near field devices & the Internet

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

This course is designed for beginner makers. With 31 lectures, this course will help you get started with the basics of creating circuits with the Arduino prototyping board. You will have an Internet-connected home environment monitoring gadget, and build it with your own hands! The only prerequisite is a basic understanding of concepts like voltage, current and resistance, and ability to download and install software on your computer. A very basic understanding of programming is a bonus, but not absolutely necessary.

  • Access 31 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Create your first circuit & open your appetite for more
  • Understand the Integrated Development Environment & the sketching language
  • Make JING, your internet-connected environment monitoring system

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

With Ardu-auto, learning electronics has never been more fun. Every step of the way, you will learn practical facts and skills that will help you elsewhere in your making career. This course will take you step-by-step and show you how you can take a typical off-the-shelf (boring) RC car and convert it into an Arduino-powered super-fun lab on wheels. Based on an off-the-shelf cheap RC car, you will use Arduinos, components, software and prototyping techniques to build your own custom creation.

  • Access 31 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  • Use proximity sensors to detect obstacles
  • Allow two Arduinos to communicate w/ each other using RF24 type modules
  • Write a communications protocol
  • Modify & adapt off-the-shelf raw materials for your project
  • Integrate components into a complete system

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

This course presents some of the best currently available advanced Arduino boards. With 72 lectures, this course will help you understand what is special about each one, how you can use them in your projects, and what to look out for when you migrate from the Arduino Uno. Advanced Arduino projects depend on software, as well as hardware. Advanced projects need advanced tools! And this course also has this covered. Learn about advanced debugging and editing tools, cloud-based automation, and Arduino-PC collaboration.

  • Access 72 lectures & 9.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand what is special about advanced Arduino boards
  • Use advanced boards & tools in projects
  • Know what to look out for when you migrate from the Arduino Uno

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

Arduino Robotics with the mBot will introduce you to the mBot, the world’s friendliest educational robotics platform. The mBot is an Arduino-based, two-wheel robot that comes with built-in sensors and actuators, and that you can program using Scratch, a graphical programming language. The mBot is also extensible, with a lot of components available that you can use to build your own robotic creations. With 39 lectures, this course will show you how to assemble the mBot, discuss the additional hardware options, and demonstrate how to program it on your tablet and your Windows or Mac OS computer.

  • Access 39 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Program the mBot to follow an arbitrary black line on the floor
  • Combine robot’s sensors & actuators efficiently to enable it to stay on the line while it travels on it as quickly as possible
  • Extract the intuitive understanding of how to follow a line & convert it into code

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

​If you are interested in cryptocurrency mining​, then ​you will like this course. With crypto, the printing press, owned and operated by a central bank, is replaced by a computer, owned and operated by you. Your Raspberry Pi, or your general-purpose or specialized mining computer, is like a personal mini-central bank, connected to other mini central-banks, constantly adding value to the public cryptocurrency network. With 54 lectures, this course will help you know how cryptocurrency mining works and exploring the possibility of doing it with Raspberry Pi. Learn the technology that can potentially change how the fundamental plumbing of economy and society.

  • Access 54 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand what cryptocurrency is
  • Mine some of the major cryptocurrencies using your Raspberry Pi B Model 3
  • Know the kind of mining rewards based on which you can earn crypto “coins”
  • Join online mining pools to make mining more efficient
  • Expand your Blockchain knowledge through projects

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

In this project, you will learn to use your Raspberry Pi to facilitate an understanding of Blockchain technology. With 35 pages, this PDF guide will help you learn what a cryptocurrency is, and how to get involved in the cryptocurrency world using open-source software and your Raspberry Pi.

  • Access 35-page PDF eBook w/ Q&A at the end of every chapter
  • Learn how to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Bytecoin, MagiCoin, & TurtleCoin
  • Understand basic cryptocurrency concepts
  • Get project ideas for further experimentation & learning

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

Conventional education is struggling to provide the learning environment necessary to help raise the future innovators, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs that advanced societies need. While efforts to transform education in that direction are underway, they are too slow and not decisive enough, resulting in too many of our children being left behind. In this book, Peter Dalmaris argues that it does not have to be like that. Using Maker Education as a model for education in the 21st Century, Dr. Peter Dalmaris explains how teachers, parents, and learners can apply the educational methods of inventors and innovators for the benefit of their students and children.

  • Access 176-paged PDF eBook
  • Use Maker Education as a model for education in the 21st century
  • Know how teachers, parents & learners can apply the educational methods of inventors and innovators
  • Complement & supplement conventional education

Note: Kits & tools NOT included.

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